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Scrubber drier B 250 R Bp

B 250 R Config configurable ride-on scrubber drier with 250 litre tanks. Ideal for large areas between 4,000 and 15,000 m².

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The B 250 R configurable ride-on scrubber drier – with optional powerful 630 Ah low-maintenance battery – is available with either a roller brush head or disc brush with 100 or 120 cm working width. This machine offers a host of practical features: for example, colour-coded control elements, automatic lowering of brush head and squeegees, different cleaning modes, electrically adjustable contact pressure, optional Dose cleaning agent dosing unit as well as optional Auto-Fill function for efficient fresh water tank filling. Also practical: pre-sweep module cuts working time.

Features and benefits
Configurable machine
  • Squeegees and special options, such as Dose cleaning agent dosing system, flashing beacon or working lights are freely selectable.
  • The machine can be perfectly adapted to the cleaning requirements.
  • Efficient, sensible solution.
Auto Fill
  • Automatic filling of fresh water tank.
  • Connect a fresh water hose and the filling stops automatically as soon as the tank is full.
  • During the filling process, other tasks can be carried out and waiting time filled usefully.
EASY Operation
  • Simple to use.
  • Simple control of basic functions via the EASY switch.
eco!efficiency mode
  • Reduced water consumption.
  • Reduced power consumption.
  • Extended run time.
  • Three modes for adjusting the brush speed according to requirements: POWER, WHISPER and FINE CLEAN.
Working light (optional)
  • Improved view for the operator, especially in poorly lit areas (e.g. underground car parks, warehouses).
  • Better machine recognition.
Short wheelbase
  • Very small turning circle.
  • Highly manoeuvrable.
  • Good area coverage, even in confined areas.
"Dose" cleaning agent dosing unit (optional)
  • Saves cleaning agent.
  • Precise and uniform dosing (adjustable from 0 to 3 %).
  • Cleaning agent can be changed without the fresh water tank having to be emptied.
Canopy (optional)
  • Protection of the user from falling objects.
  • Includes flashing beacon for safe operation.
Fully automatic
  • The suction bar is automatically raised when reversing.
  • Automatic brush head and suction bar raising and lowering function when switching to certain programmes.

Technical data

Brush working width (mm) 1000
Vacuuming working width (mm) 1160
Fresh/dirty water tank (l) 250 / 250
Theoretical area performance (m²/h) 8000
Practical area performance (m²/h) 6000
Battery (V) 36
Battery voltage (V) 36
Traction motor (W) 1200
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 1900 x 1550


  • Traction drive
  • Automatic water stop
  • Parking brake
  • Adjustable steering wheel
  • Long Life turbine
  • Solenoid valve
  • 2-tank system