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Scrubber drier BD 100/250 R Bp

Battery-powered ride-on scrubber dryer with roller system for basic and maintenance cleaning as well as for polishing areas up to 10,000 m².

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The BD 100/250 R BP features disc brushes and is extremely user-friendly. Symbols clearly indicate sweeping, scrubbing, polishing and vacuuming functions. The machine automatically selects the required program enabling easy use by unskilled operators. The steering column and steering wheel can be adjusted for ease of use. For full wheel contact, considerably improved traction when turning corners, reduced surface load and increased service life. The head of impact-resistant plastic moves horizontally and vertically to avoid collision with obstacles to prevent damage. The contact pressure automatically reduces on overload to protect the brush motor. The intelligent control displays clear error messages if problems are encountered. This enables problems to be identified and resolved quickly.

Features and benefits
Very small turning circle
  • Extremely agile machine, thanks to short wheelbase.
  • Good area coverage also on confined areas.
BR 120/250 R with extra large working width
  • 20 % more area coverage due to 20 cm larger working width.
  • Projecting brush head ensures easier cleaning along edges.
  • A sturdy impact protection protects the brush heads, even in the face of extreme operating demands.
BR 120/251 with extra large working width
  • Projecting brush head ensures easier cleaning along edges.
  • WHISPER mode for reduced power consumption and longer operating times.
BR 120/252 with extra large working width
  • A sturdy impact protection protects the brush heads, even in the face of extreme operating demands.
  • In reverse, the vacuum bar is raised up automatically.
Traction drive with solenoid brake
  • For securing the machine against accidentally rolling away. For increased safety. (Very powerful drive motor, even suitable for steep ramps.)
  • High cleaning speed of up to 8 km/h.
Fresh water level indicator
  • For constant fresh water level control during operation.
Straight or curved squeegee
  • For optimal suction on every floor. (Please order separately).
Good climbing ability and ground clearance
  • For easy transport and loading.
High battery capacity
  • For very long work intervals – prepared for the installation of very large batteries.
Comfort settings
  • Steering wheel angle fully adjustable, spring suspension seat with height-adjustable armrests, and step provided for easy boarding.

Technical data

Brush working width (mm) 1000
Working width, vacuuming (mm) 1160
Fresh/dirty water tank (l) 250 / 250
Theoretical area performance (m²/h) 6000
Practical area performance (m²/h) 4500
Brush speed (rpm) 140
Brush contact pressure (g/cm²) 35
Battery (V) 36
Battery voltage (V) 36
Rated input power (W) 4600
Traction motor (W) 1200
Weight (kg) 500
Weight with battery (kg) 1250
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 1900 x 1060 x 1550


  • Disc brush