BD 100/250 R I Bp 14804120 https://www.kaercher.com/my/professional/floor-scrubbers-scrubber-dryers/scrubber-driers/ride-on-scrubber-driers/bd-100-250-r-i-bp-14804120.html Battery-driven combi ride-on scrubber with sweeping device anddisc brush technology for deep cleaning, maintenance cleaning and polishing of areas up to 10 000 m² - saves one working step.

Scrubber drier BD 100/250 R I Bp

Battery-driven combi ride-on scrubber with sweeping device anddisc brush technology for deep cleaning, maintenance cleaning and polishing of areas up to 10 000 m² - saves one working step.

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The BD 100/250 R I is equipped with sweepingmodule anddisc brushes. The new constructured machine is characterised by an easy and practical operation. All functions of sweeping, scrubbing, polishing and vacuuming are equipped with simple and self-explaning symbols. The BD 100/250 R I changes automatically all necessary modules of the choosen programme. The orientation of un-learned persons are maken easier. Adjustment of the steering column to the user's size for an ergonomical working as well as well-being advantages. The buckled steering column allows a sloped steering to the driver and concurrent hanging of the wheel from top without coasting. Thereby an area measured contact surface of the wheel with noticeable improvement of traction in bends, reduced surface load and increasing of the life-time. The sweeping device adapts to uneven surfaces undependent of the main machine, prevents damages and ensures a consistant cleaning result. An exact detergent dosage is possible by using a hose pump (as option). Simple constructed and shock-resistant brush-head. In collision with objects the brush head which is mounted horizontal and vertical resilient avoids hitting objects and protects against damages. In comparison with the old brush head made of metal the new is made of light and impact resistant plastic and corrosion-free. Better protection of drive belt against moisture. Automatically reduction of contact pressure when overload and so protection of brush head against overload and damage. The new control system will be introduced for application in scrubbers and sweepers. It is possible to adapt all functions and parameters via laptop to the customer's requirements in a short time, e.g. different languages. Exact error messages will be shown. Single, maybe faulty components can be separated and changed. Not any longer the whole control system must be changed, thereby saving time and money

Features and benefits
Sweep vacuuming included
  • A generously dimensioned roller brush with two side brushes sweep the dirt to the roller brush using the overthrow principle.
  • Floating sweep vacuuming unit provides a simultaneous view of the waste.
  • Includes a coarse dirt flap for bigger waste.
  • A round filter with 4 m² filter area allows for dust-free operation.
  • Consistently impressive filtering results due to automatic filter cleaning.
Fully automatic
  • For increased comfort: brush head, vacuum bar and water quantity are regulated automatically.
  • In reverse, the vacuum bar is raised up automatically.
EASY switch
  • For easy operation. The basic functions are controlled with the EASY switch. All important information is shown and adjustments programmed via the display.
Traction drive with solenoid brake
  • For securing the machine against accidentally rolling away. For increased safety. (Very powerful drive motor, even suitable for steep ramps.)
  • High cleaning speed of up to 8 km/h.
Fresh water level indicator
  • For constant fresh water level control during operation.
Straight or curved squeegee
  • For optimal suction on every floor. (Please order separately).
Large working width
  • Ideal for cleaning very large surfaces (as in industrial use or logistics, for example).
Good climbing ability and ground clearance
  • For easy transport and loading.
High battery capacity
  • For very long work intervals. (Prepared for the installation of very large batteries)

Technical data

Brush working width (mm) 1000
Working width, vacuuming (mm) 1160
Fresh/dirty water tank (l) 250 / 250
Theoretical area performance (m²/h) 6000
Practical area performance (m²/h) 4500
Brush speed (rpm) 140
Brush contact pressure (g/cm²) 35
Battery (V) 36
Battery voltage (V) 36
Rated input power (W) max. 6500
Traction motor (W) 1200
Waste container (l) 60
Weight (kg) 700
Weight with battery (kg) 1450
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 2730 x 1060 x 1550


  • Disc brush
  • Traction drive
  • Automatic water stop
  • Parking brake
  • Adjustable steering wheel
  • Sweeping function
  • Vacuum sweeping unit (including side brushes)
  • Long Life turbine
  • Solenoid valve
  • Side brushes