Scrubber drier BD 50/40 RS Bp

Compact step-on scrubber drier with disc engineering, 51-cm working width, 40-l tank and approx. 120-cm turning circle.With Eco mode for energy-saving and environmentally friendly cleaning.

The very compact and efficient step-on scrubber drier BD 50/40 RS Bp combines the manoeuvrability of a walk-behind machine with the speed of a ride-on machine. The small turning circle of approx. 120 cm makes possible very high area coverage, even in narrow, winding areas.The elevated operating position provides an optimal overview. The sophisticated disc engineering with large disc brushes guarantees maximum cleaning efficiency.Thanks to the squeegee, which can be swivelled around the brush head, the dirty water can be fully absorbed when turning on the spot.The squeegee can be changed within seconds without the need for any tools. The integrated sweeping unit makes time-consuming pre-sweeping almost superfluous. The Eco mode of the machine can be activated at the touch of a button.Eco mode allows maintenance cleaning to be carried out in an energy-saving and environmentally friendly manner and saves time and costs – with perfect cleaning results at the same time.

Features and benefits
Easy operation
  • Easy to use.
  • eco!efficiency mode saves time, energy, water and cleaning agent.
Automatic filling option
  • The machine is simply connected to the water supply. The water supply is automatically shut off when the machine is filled to capacity.
  • This saves time, as the operator can do other jobs in the meantime.
Eco mode
  • Saves time, energy, water and cleaning agent.
Easy to use controls
  • Only 1 button for all cleaning settings. For concise and simple operation and a reduced need for training.
Easy changeover
  • Suction lips and brushes can be replaced without using tools.
  • Vacuum bars can be replaced in no time at all.
Unique squeegee rotating principle
  • For absorbing every drop of water in every corner.
Highly manoeuvrable
  • For excellent manoeuvrability, large area coverage and less re-cleaning.
Compact dimensions
  • Full view from 30 cm in front of the vehicle. For predictive cleaning.
Compact design
  • Easy to transport and store.

Technical data

Working width of brushes (mm) 510
Working width, vacuuming (mm) 691
Tank of fresh/dirty water (l) 40 / 40
Max. area performance (m²/h) 2805
Practical area performance (m²/h) 2000
Brush rotational speed (rpm) 180
Brush contact pressure (g/cm²/kg) 20 / 26
Battery voltage (V) 36
Battery runtime (h) max. 2.5
Rated input power (W) max. 1080
Sound pressure level (dB(A)) 66.9
Traction motor (W) 157
Drive type Battery
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 113.2
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 1118 x 691 x 1316


  • Disc brush
  • Squeegee, curved
  • Powerful traction drive
  • Automatic water stop
  • 2-tank system
Scrubber drier BD 50/40 RS Bp
Cleaning agents

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