Scrubber drier BD 70/75 W Classic Bp

BD 70/75 W Classic Bp push scrubber drier with 75-litre tank and dual-disk brush head. Very easy to use and extremely versatile.

Simple concept, easy to use, easy maintenance: Our battery powered BD 70/75 W Classic Bp push scrubber drier is extremely user friendly and delivers great cleaning performance thanks to its dual-disk brush head with adjustable brush contact pressure and aluminium squeegee. The robust, extremely compact machine is also highly manoeuvrable and versatile. Its 75 litres of tank volume also effortlessly ensure long runtimes.

Features and benefits
Scrubber drier BD 70/75 W Classic Bp: The brush head and squeegee are made from long-lasting aluminium
The brush head and squeegee are made from long-lasting aluminium
Robust machine concept for tough working conditions with low failure rates. Also developed for applications in harsh conditions.
Scrubber drier BD 70/75 W Classic Bp: Extremely simple operating concept
Extremely simple operating concept
All machine functions can be operated using switches, buttons and knobs. Colour-coded controls for easy operation and short teach-in times.
Scrubber drier BD 70/75 W Classic Bp: Compact and robust design
Compact and robust design
Highly versatile, easy to manoeuvre machine that provides a good overview. Reduces the risk of damaging the machine or equipment.
Brush contact pressure can be adjusted as needed
  • Contact pressure can be increased from 30 to 50 kilograms as needed.
  • Lower contact pressure when there is only a little dirt or if the floor is delicate.
  • High contact pressure for stubborn dirt or coating removal.

Technical data

Working width of brushes (mm) 705
Working width, vacuuming (mm) 1030
Max. area performance (m²) 3195
Practical area performance (m²) 1917
Tank of fresh/dirty water (l) 75 / 75
Brush contact pressure (g/cm²/kg) 20.4 - 34 / 30 - 50
Brush rotational speed (rpm) 180
Rated input power (W) max. 1850
Traction motor (W) 250
Battery (V) 24
Battery runtime (h) max. 4
Sound pressure level (dB(A)) 63
Drive type Battery
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 142.7
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 1445 x 750 x 1065


  • Disc brush
  • Powerful traction drive
  • squeegee, angled
  • 2-tank system
  • Motor, Battery
Scrubber drier BD 70/75 W Classic Bp
Application areas
  • Ideal for cleaning retail stores, shopping centres and hardware stores
  • Ideal for cleaning airports, in industry and in the transport industry
  • Well suited for building service contractors, e.g. in sports halls
Cleaning agents

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