Battery-operated vacuum

Kärcher cordless vacuum cleaners are whisper quiet without disturbing cord. These machines are ideal for cleaning business premises during normal business hours.

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The EB 30/1 Professional Li-Ion is the first battery-powered electric broom on the market for professional operators. In addition to a second replacement battery, the professional version features a quick charger instead of a mains charger. The newly developed machine is fitted with an easily replaceable roller brush and easily removable dirt collection container: a brush and dustpan in one. It allows fast, quiet (56 dB(A)) and reliable cleaning of soiled areas of hard floor and carpets during business hours.
Battery-powered backpack vacuum cleaner.
The new T 9/1 Bp dry vacuum cleaner from Kärcher features a unique hybrid technology: depending on requirements, the unit can be operated in either the mains-powered or battery-powered mode. The 10-metre power cable can be wound round the cable wrap which is integrated in the motor head. The unit comes standard complete with accessory, two batteries, one 4-way high-speed charger and with an exceptionally tear-resistant fleece filter bag, which holds twice as much dust and dirt as a conventional paper filter bag.