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Industrial vacuum cleaner IV 100/55

The IV 100/55 is a very robust industrial vacuum cleaner which addresses the needs of different target groups. The vacuum can be moved around, on flat surfaces by one person, without any effort. It is driven by a durable side channel turbine. Due to the construction of the motor, this vacuum cleaner is used for continuous duty. It will be operated with 400 V, 50 Hz. Depending on the operation, container (dry) part-no. 6.394-527.0 or container (wet) part-no. 6.394-529.0 need to be ordered separately.

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The IV 100/55 is a very robust industrial vacuum cleaner, which addresses the needs of many different target groups. The vacuum can be moved around, on flat surfaces by one person. The construction type and the various accessories available make it practical for different cleaning tasks. The model is intended to be used for continuous duty (3-shift-opeartion) because of the motor type embedded in it. The side channel turbine creates a high suction power and is protected by a safety valve against motor overheating. Due to the type of construction and the size of the machine this vacuum cleaner is usually sold for one special site, for one or two users, and remains usually for a longer period on one working site. The "easy-empty" drop bin fitted with wheels facilitates the transportation of the vacuumed material. The cyclone pre-separator is a standard feature and it pre-separates large amounts of dust before they can get into the filter area. As a result the life-time of the filter is expanded considerably. A main filter with a large filter surface and a high dust absorption rate (material dust class M approved) ensures long operating periods with no interruption. A manual, external filter cleaning device, guarantees long operating periods and ensures a long life-time of the filter. On the storage area, situated above the motor, can be placed the nozzles and tools. This storage area is also a convenient cable storage during work and transport duties.

Features and benefits
Maintenance-free direct drive
  • The direct drive guarantees the highest reliability and efficiency. Thanks to its long service life, it is also suitable for multiple shift operation.
High-quality star filter made from polyester fleece
  • With manual filter cleaning, the star filter's filter area, which is up to 4.3 m2, ensures long maintenance intervals.
Manual filter vibration for low operating costs
  • The manual filter vibration increases the working time of the permanent filter, thereby reducing the maintenance effort.
Waste container with set-down mechanism
  • The waste container with set-down mechanism ensures ergonomic emptying, even when the vacuumed waste is heavy.

Technical data

Supply voltage (Ph) 3 / 400 / 50
Air flow rate (l/s/m³/h) 139 / 500
Vacuum (mbar/kPa) 280 / 28
Container capacity (l) 100
Rated input power (kW) max. 6
Rated input power during operation (kW) 5,5
Filter area (m²) 2,2
Nominal diameter of connection 61
Nominal diameter of accessory (/) 61 / 51
Sound pressure level 79
Weight (kg) 155
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 1220 x 670 x 1530


  • Accessories in scope of delivery, No
  • Matching container (wet), 6.394-824.0
  • Matching container (dry), 6.394-823.0
  • Machine recommended for multiple shift operation
  • Optional remote control, –
Industrial vacuum cleaner IV 100/55