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Safety goggles, contrast enhancing

Innovative safety goggles in the athletic Kärcher design. With contrast-enhancing lens in yellow. Scratch-resistant and non-fogging. Ideal for work and leisure. Includes microfibre bag.

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Kärcher safety goggles are a quality product made in Germany. Whether at work or at play – the athletic and innovative goggles with yellow, contrast-enhancing lens offer the highest safety and best transparency. The easy-to-replace glasses are extra scratch-resistant on the outside and provided with a reliable anti-fog coating on the inside. The frames can be flexibly adjusted and the soft frame ends ensure a comfortable, pressure-free fit. The glasses come in a high-quality microfibre bag which is ideal for cleaning the glasses.

Features and benefits
Easy lens replacement
  • Quick changeover
Adjustable frame angle and frame length
  • High comfort
Anti-fog coating on the inside
  • Reliable protection against fogging
Lens is extremely scratch-resistant on the outside
  • Long lifetime.
Soft frame ends
  • Comfortable, pressure-free fit