Polishing machine BDP 50/2000 RS Bp Pack

The BDP 50/2000 RS BP Pack ultra-high-speed step-on polishing machine has a powerful 36 V low-maintenance battery and on-board charger.

Saves time with excellent polishing results: the BDP 50/2000 RS BP Pack is a special development in the world of step-on polishing machines. Featuring a powerful 36 V battery and on-board charger, this machine with a turning circle of only 1.30 metres combines the agility of a walk-behind machine with the speed of a ride-on machine. The raised position provides the operator with a clear view whilst the EASY-Operation system greatly facilitates operation. The 50 cm diameter pad drive board rotates at a speed of up to 2000 rpm for uniform and homogenous polishing results - even with worn pads and on uneven floors, thanks to the automatic contact pressure. Both passive and active suction ensures dust-free air whilst working. The integrated filter system under the hood at the front of the machine also enables easy filter bag changing. We recommend the BDP 50/2000 RS BP Pack, with area performances of up to 2750 m²/h, for use in public buildings, exhibition areas and hotels.

Features and benefits
Polishing machine BDP 50/2000 RS Bp Pack: Automatic contact pressure
Automatic contact pressure
No adjustment of the contact pressure. Constant contact pressure, even with worn pads or on uneven surfaces.
Polishing machine BDP 50/2000 RS Bp Pack: Integrated passive dust suction
Integrated passive dust suction
The polishing dust is collected under the pad and then automatically transported upwards into the filter bag. The large filter bag is easily accessible and easy to change. No wiping after polishing – time-saving.
Polishing machine BDP 50/2000 RS Bp Pack: Excellent polishing results
Excellent polishing results
The high speed and the automatic contact pressure ensure a homogenous polishing result. The machine allows area performances of up to 2750 m²/h.
Convenient and easy mounting and dismounting
  • For greater versatility and faster results.
Very small turning circle for maximum agility
  • For good manoeuvrability and high area coverage.
Step-on model
  • Raised working position for a clear view.
With maintenance-free batteries and charger
  • Convenient charging of long-life batteries.
Pad replacement without tools
  • Time-saving and easy brush replacement.

Technical data

Working width (mm) 510
Working width, vacuuming (mm) 530
Max. area performance (m²/h) 1780
Practical area performance (m²/h) 1500
Brush rotational speed (rpm) 2000
Brush contact pressure (g/cm²/kg) 10 / 21
Rated input power (W) 2315
Traction motor (W) 155
Current type (V/Hz) 230 / 50 - 60
Drive type Battery
Weight (with accessories) (kg) 180
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 1130 x 595 x 1315


  • Powerful traction drive
  • Drive board with centerlock
  • Dust suction
  • Battery and built-in charger included
Polishing machine BDP 50/2000 RS Bp Pack