Whether your work involves cleaning glass, façades or buildings, you can benefit from tried-and-tested professional quality. For perfect and streak-free cleaning results, we have combined ergonomic design, secure connection technology and diverse components. This means that you can work more safely, efficiently and with less effort by saving a lot of water, energy and cleaning agent.

Kärcher  Window scrapers and blades

Window scrapers and blades

For your safety: ergonomically shaped window scrapers and blades in various designs for easy and safe removal of sticky residues.

Kärcher  Washer


High-quality sleeves of different textiles – perfect for cleaning glass and all kinds of smooth surfaces quickly.

Kärcher  T-beam


Our high-quality ergonomically shaped T-bars are the ideal basis for using our sleeves.

Kärcher  Window wiper handles

Window wiper handles

With our high-quality and ergonomically shaped squeegee handles you always have the various wiper bars safely to hand.

Kärcher  Wiper bars and replacement wiper rubbers

Wiper bars and replacement wiper rubbers

This enables streak-free cleaning: professional stainless steel bars with V cut-out and specially shaped vulcanised wiper blades: extremely flexible and long-lasting.

Kärcher  Wash brushes

Wash brushes

Special wash brushes for gently cleaning different surfaces.

Kärcher  Belts and pockets

Belts and pockets

This makes everything accessible when working on a ladder or in tight spaces.

Kärcher  Bucket


Window bucket for use with washer and window wiper.

Kärcher  Chamois leather

Chamois leather

Professional chamois leather for cleaning glass perfectly and streak-free.

Kärcher  Window cleaning kit

Window cleaning kit

Specially arranged sets consisting of numerous useful products for professional cleaning of glass, windows and solar panels as well as winter gardens.