Parts cleaner PC 100 M2 Bio

The PC 100 M2 Bio manual parts cleaner is a washstand for parts cleaning. Oils and grease are removed using an aqueous cleaning agent and then decomposed by microbes.

The PC 100 M2 Bio manual parts cleaner combines effective oil and grease removal with a high standard of environmental protection. Instead of using solvents, tools, motor components and other oily and greasy parts are cleaned with a water-based detergent. When the washstand, which is designed for two people and a load of 100 kg, is filled for the first time, natural microorganisms are washed into the detergent through a filter mat. The microbes decompose the organic materials such as oils, lubricants and other greases that have been cleaned, thereby recycling the liquid in a natural and environmentally-friendly way. There is no need for regular water changes and the cost-intensive disposal of this waste water, while the cleaning performance stays at a consistently high level. Coarse dirt particles are removed by a metal sieve as a prefilter, fine particles up to 50 µm are reliably retained by the filter mat. This innovative and biological type of parts cleaning is particularly useful in the automotive and processing industry, as well as for workshops (cars, utility vehicles, local transport and rail services, military, etc.).

Features and benefits
Convenient, safe and economical
  • High-quality, hard-wearing and long-lasting materials guarantee a long service life.
Replaceable filter mat
  • Cleanliness guaranteed: for the filtration of fine particles up to 50 µm and releasing fresh microbes.

Technical data

Pressure (bar/MPa) 0.3 / 0.03
Flow rate (l/h) 900
Connected load (kW) 1
Working area (mm) 1041 / 660
Casing/frame HDPE - Plastic
Certified (by) to CE/GS
Heating output (kW) 1
Temperature (°C) max. 40
Load capacity (kg) 100
Sound pressure level (dB(A)) 58
Tank capacity (l) 80
Number of current phases (Ph) 1
Frequency (Hz) 50 / 60
Voltage (V) 220 / 240
Dimensions (D x W x H) (mm) 952 x 1181 x 1067


  • Brush (pervaded with cleaning agent)
  • Tap
  • Water level control
Cleaning agents