AP 100/50 M

AP 100/50 M constitutes a simple and flexible All-in-One solution, suitable for different surfaces, contains spraying as well as suctioning function of the detergent.

All Purpose Cleaner AP 100/50 M constitutes a simple and flexible All-in-One solution and removes soils and bacilli on different surfaces. The machine contains spraying as well as a suctioning function of the detergent, whereby productive and timesaving work is possible. The machine doesn't need a long set-up time and is quickly ready for action and useable for daily cleaning.

Features and benefits
 AP 100/50 M: Cleaning with high pressure
Cleaning with high pressure
Detergent is delivered via high-pressure pump. 15 m high-pressure hose for large action radius. Spray lance with high-pressure nozzle as standard. Can be extended with a wide range of accessories, e.g. foam lance.
 AP 100/50 M: Including vacuum function
Including vacuum function
The washing water can be removed with a wet and dry vacuum if no drain is available. Can be used by two persons at the same time. Extremely flexible hose for versatile use.
 AP 100/50 M: Fresh water always on-board
Fresh water always on-board
100 litre water tank. Mobile use, independent of water supply. Includes fill hose for easy filling from the tap.
Detergent perfectly dosed
  • The AP 100/50 M has on-board storage for two detergent bottles.
  • Detergent can be added via the dosage selector.
  • Alternate use of detergent and disinfectant.

Technical data

Fresh water tank capacity (l) 100
Dirty water tank capacity (l) 70
Max. pressure (bar) 6 slash_vonbis 19 slash_vonbis max. 50
Flow rate (l/min) 5
Turbine power rating (W) 1800
Pump power (W) 370
Voltage (V) 230
Weight (kg) 100


  • High-pressure Hose, 15 m, Food industry version, DN 6, 250 bar
  • Suction hose
  • Suction nozzle
  • Suction Tube, 2 piece(s), 550 mm, 40 mm, Metal
  • Spray gun, Easy Press trigger gun
  • Spray lance, 600 mm
  • Switch-CHEM-System
 AP 100/50 M