Stainless steel injector kit for HDS 10/20-4M

Developed for the HD 10/20-4 M High-pressure cleaner, the stainless steel injector ensures optimal cleaning agent dosage. Supplied with suction hose and filter.

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Suitable for both foam and cleaning agent applications, this stainless steel injector was developed specifically for the HD 6/15 C High-pressure cleaner. For precise cleaning agent dosage via 10 different inserts. (See operating instructions for dosing amounts). The stainless steel injector fits directly on the high-pressure outlet of the machine and is very robust. It allows a working pressure of 300 bar and a water temperature of 95°C. The stainless steel injector is supplied as a kit with a suction hose (1.2 metres) and vacuum filter.


Technical data

Weight incl. packaging (kg) 0.9
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