The fully automatic robot vacuum cleaner Kärcher robot vacuum cleaners called RoboCleaner do all the work - without you lifting a finger: this machine cleans all standard household floor coverings. Even when you are not at home. Simply plug in the charging station, switch on, set the cleaning time and leave the rest to the RoboCleaner. It negotiates obstacles with ease. It even recognises stairs and steps. When its work is done, it automatically returns to base guided by an infrared beam. As well as recharging its batteries, it discharges the dirt it has picked up.

Kärcher The fully automatic robot vacuum cleaner
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The device has an independent cleaning system which sweeps and vacuums even when nobody is home. For carpets and hard surfaces.

  • Thorough cleaning thanks to suction and brush system
  • Completely independent cleaning - automatically empties waste box when docked in base station
  • Problem-free infrared navigation
  • Intelligent sensors which prevent the device from falling down stairs or drops
  • Produces an almost silent clean at only 54 dB (A)
  • Adjust the cleaning time to suit you
  • Intelligent and efficient cleaning programme which optimally adapts itself to suit the level of dirt
Faszinierende Vorteile

Fascinating advantages

The RoboCleaner cleans entirely by itself and effortlessly surmounts obstacles like cords. Four fall sensors prevent the device falling down stairs or other drops.


Dirt sensing system

The RoboCleaner cleans with a combination of a sweeping roller and vacuuming. A sensor recognises the respective intensity of the dirt and adjusts the cleaning program accordingly.

Erkennt jedes Hindernis

Detects every obstacle

Integrated contact sensors guide the RoboCleaner around all obstacles. Thanks to the suspended, spring-loaded wheels, it can negotiate different floor coverings and short drops effortlessly.

Alles automatisch

Everything automatic

The device is navigated using infrared beam. The RoboCleaner finds its own way back to its base station.