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Le professionnel du nettoyage, entièrement automatique Aspirer sans plus jamais lever le petit doigt – grâce au Robocleaner : L’appareil nettoie tous les revêtements de sols domestiques courants, même en votre absence. Il suffit de brancher la station d’accueil, d’allumer l’appareil, de régler la durée du nettoyage et le RoboCleaner démarre. Il reconnaît et contourne les obstacles sans problèmes et sans efforts, même les escaliers et les marches. Une fois le travail effectué, il revient automatiquement à la station grâce au rayon infrarouge. Il y vide alors les poussières et recharge ses batteries.

Kärcher Le professionnel du nettoyage, entièrement automatique
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RC 3 App

The smarter approach to vacuuming.

The RC 3 ensures rooms are kept clean throughout your home – and saves you plenty of time in the process. All you need to do is program or start the RoboCleaner, and it will take care of all the work. The vacuum cleaner can be intuitively operated using either an app on your home network or via the button on the device itself. With the user-friendly app for smartphone and tablet, you can schedule cleaning of both large areas and specific spots and set these procedures to begin automatically.


Thanks to precise mapping, not a single crumb is missed.

The RC 3 creates a map of its surroundings for a systematic approach to cleaning. This makes its work more efficient and ensures that no areas are missed by the RoboCleaner. The app can be used to view this map, which shows both the areas that still need to be cleaned and those that have been already been taken care of.

RC 3 Kartierung

Permanently clean.

The smart helper cleans regularly and thus creates a completely carefree, feel-good atmosphere of permanent cleanliness. Thanks to the RC 3's effective combination of its suction function and dual brush system, dirt is always absorbed optimally. It can also reach corners and edges thanks to its practical side brush, and even the smallest of particles are picked up by its integrated fine filter – for maximum cleanliness.


Preparing the device

Connecting the Home & Garden App to the home network

Setting up the Home & Garden App

Cleaning process

Care and maintenance

Ready for everything.


App Store

App Store

Our Kärcher Home & Garden App for managing and monitoring all smart devices for private home use is available to download via the App Store, and is compatible with iOS version 10 or later.

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Google Play

Google Play

Our Kärcher Home & Garden App for managing and monitoring all smart devices for private home use is available to download via Google Play, and is compatible with Android 5 or later.

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