Window cleaner WV 6 + KV 4

Clean windows in no time: the vibrating KV 4 cordless wiper, which dispenses water electrically and vibrates, removes the dirt and the WV 6 Window Vac removes the fluid.

The Window Vac in combination with the vibrating cordless wiper cleans smooth surfaces, which have become dirty, effortlessly and quickly. First, the KV 4 cordless wiper, which dispenses water electrically and has a vibration function, removes the dirt from the surface. Excess fluid can then be removed with the WV 6 Window Vac without leaving any drips or streaks. The extra-long battery running time of 100 minutes and new blade technology make this model a shining example of the Window Vac range. The new WV 6 suction blade is so flexible that you can remove excess fluid in one go, from top to bottom, and achieve streak-free windows right up to the window edge – ideal for floor-to-ceiling surfaces.

Features and benefits
Window cleaner WV 6 + KV 4: Improved blade technology
Improved blade technology
The innovative long blade makes cleaning even more flexible – ideal for applications close to the floor.
Window cleaner WV 6 + KV 4: Extra-long battery running time
Extra-long battery running time
The Window Vac's extra-long battery running time of 100 minutes enables uninterrupted cleaning.
Window cleaner WV 6 + KV 4: Vibration function
Vibration function
The vibrations help you clean and removes stubborn dirt for you.
Electric water dispensation
  • The wiping cloth is automatically wetted so that the surface can be wiped straight away.
Quick and easy-to-use tanks
  • The KV 4 fresh water tank as well as the WV 6 dirty water tank can be filled and drained quickly.
LED display in field of view
  • Indicates when the KV 4 battery needs to be charged. Indicates the WV 6 battery's remaining minutes of running time.
Removable blade
  • The WV 6 squeegee blade can simply be detached from the suction nozzle and cleaned after each use.
Drip-free and streak-free results
  • Thanks to electric water vacuuming, dripping water is now a thing of the past. For sparkling clean windows.
Completely hygienic
  • Easily fill and drain the fresh and dirty water tank without coming into contact with water or dirt.
Diverse applications
  • Suitable for all smooth surfaces, such as tiles, mirrors or shower cabins.

Technical data

Working width of suction nozzle (mm) 280
Dirty water container capacity (ml) 150
Battery run time (min) 100
Battery charge time (min) 170
Battery type Lithium-ion battery
Cleaning performance per battery charge Approx. 300 m² = 100 windows
Current type (V/Hz) 100 - 240 / 50 - 60
Weight incl. battery (kg) 0,8
Weight without accessories (kg) 0,8
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 1,7
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 126 x 280 x 310


  • Suction nozzle width, 280 mm
  • Battery charger
  • Fast charger
  • Window cleaner concentrate (1 x 20 ml)
  • Exchangeable suction nozzle
  • Wiping cloth, 1 x
Application areas
  • All smooth surfaces
  • Windows
  • Mirrors
  • Tiles
  • Glass tables
  • Shower cabins