Multifunctional spray gun Plus

Four spraying patterns, rotatable comfort handle and membrane technology for drip-free use: the multi-functional spray gun Plus is perfect for demanding watering tasks.

Demanding watering tasks for plants with different requirements can be easily handled with the multi-functional spray gun Plus. The innovative membrane technology developed by Kärcher guarantees a drip-free spray head for every use – even when switching the spraying pattern. If required, the membrane on the shower disc can be removed and cleaned, so that the optimal spraying results are always achieved. The rotatable handle, with which the lockable trigger can be pointed forwards or backwards, allows for individual operating comfort. This model also features 4 spraying patterns: Shower, point and flat stream, as well as the fine spray mist. This is perfect for gentle watering of sensitive plants, while the shower is ideal for watering plant and flower beds. For smaller cleaning tasks in the garden, the point jet is recommended. And using the control valve, which can be operated with onehand, the water flow can be adapted according to requirements. By the way: Nozzles from Kärcher are compatible will all available click systems and can be connected to your garden hose without any problems.

Features and benefits
Special membrane technology
  • Ensures drip-proof use also during spraying pattern change and after water cutout.
Rotatable handle
  • Individual operability with trigger handle pointed forward or backwards.
Ergonomic control valve
  • Regulation of the flow rate on the nozzle with just one hand.
Easy locking of the trigger handle
  • For convenient and continuous watering.
Four selectable spraying patterns with locking function: Shower, flat stream, aerator jet, spray mist
  • The right spraying pattern for every application area.
Soft plastic elements
  • For slip resistance, greater comfort and for protection against damage.
  • Optimum protection against frost damage.
Removable shower disc
  • For cleaning the membrane of blocked nozzles.

Technical data

Weight (kg) 0,2
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 0,2
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 240 x 70 x 127


  • Number of spray patterns, 4
  • Rotatable handle
  • Locking at handle
  • Water flow regulation
  • Self-draining function
  • Soft plastic elements
  • Spray mist
  • Horizontal flat jet
  • Point jet
  • Sprinkler
 Multifunctional spray gun Plus
 Multifunctional spray gun Plus
 Multifunctional spray gun Plus
 Multifunctional spray gun Plus
Application areas
  • Suitable for demanding watering tasks
  • Suitable for watering many different types of plant in the garden
  • For watering plants and flowerbeds
  • For cleaning lightly soiled surfaces
  • For cleaning leaves
  • For gentle watering of sensitive plants, e.g. seedlings
  • For watering hedges and close to plant roots