Battery lawn trimmer


Battery lawn trimmers by Kärcher are real all-rounders in the garden. Not only do they produce a clean cut at the edge of the lawn, they are also particularly good at reaching corners and tight spots. The ergonomic handle design ensures users maintain a comfortable posture that protects their back at all times.

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Hassle free and easy to use

The line feed automatically adjusts the trimmer line as you work, always giving you the perfect cutting length.

Lawn trimming

Precision cutting

The twisted trimmer line, pivoting head and fold-out plant guard ensures a precise cut helping you to get into tricky corners, without damaging nearby plants and trees.

Precise cutting

Optional blades available

For those demanding tasks you can make life easier by using trimmer blades.

Trimming blades

18 V Kärcher Battery Power

18-25 lawn trimmer

LTR 18-25 Battery Set

The LTR 18-25 Battery Set fits ergonomically in the user's hand and, with a cutting diameter of 25 cm, can effortlessly reach all corners and tight spots around the garden to trim lawns with precision.

Battery voltage: 18 V
Cutting diameter: 25 cm
Cutting speed: 9,500 rpm
Trimmer line thickness: 1.6 mm
Performance per battery charge*: 300 m

* Maximum performance with an 18 V/2.5 Ah Kärcher Battery Power exchangeable battery.