The ergonomic design as well as robust parts and versatile components enables efficient and streak free cleaning of windows.

Kärcher  Washer


High quality cleaning cloths produced from various materials - the ideal solution for cleaning glass and smooth surfaces effectively.

Kärcher  T-beam


Our high-quality ergonomically shaped T-bars are the ideal base for using our specifically designed cleaning cloths.

Kärcher  Window wiper handles

Window wiper handles

With our high-quality and ergonomically shaped window wiper handles, fast and safe operation is easily performed.

Kärcher  Wiper bars and replacement wiper rubbers

Wiper bars and replacement wiper rubbers

This enables streak-free cleaning: professional stainless steel bars with V cut-out and specially shaped vulcanised wiper blades: extremely flexible and long-lasting.

Kärcher  Window scrapers and blades

Window scrapers and blades

Ergonomically designed window scrapers and blades in various designs for easy and safe removal of sticky residues.

Kärcher  Wash brushes

Wash brushes

Wash brushes designed with synthetic bristles for the gentle cleaning of different surfaces.

Kärcher  Belts and pockets

Belts and pockets

Ideal for working on a ladder, suitable for window wipers and washers.

Kärcher  Bucket


Window bucket for use with washer and window wiper.

Kärcher  Chamois leather

Chamois leather

Professional chamois leather for cleaning glass perfectly and streak-free.

Kärcher  Window cleaning kit

Window cleaning kit

Kit for special applications, equipped with full range of basic equipment with sturdy nylon bag.