Industrial vacuums - safety is non-negotiable.

Exceed cleaning and safety requirements.

Safely and effectively remove dust in your facility. In a manufacturing facility we understand that removing dust and debris is a challenge. Efficient cleaning is highly critical to your daily production. Kärcher's range of Industrial Vacuums were designed to help boost productivity and help you create a safe and well-kept facility.


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NFPA® Compliant

Kärcher’s line of Industrial Vacuums are NFPA 652 compliant, helping create a safe and well kept facility.


Industry Leading Warranty

Proud to offer the Kärcher 3-year warranty on our entire line of industrial vacuums.



Kärcher Service ensures that you can trust your professional cleaning equipment to work. Every day. Every night. Everywhere.

Single-Phase Industrial Vacuums

Power and mobility are the hallmarks of Kärcher’s intermittent, single phase electric vacuums. These vacuums are NFPA 652 compliant, and can be deployed throughout a facility to tackle virtually any housekeeping task, including overhead applications. Constructed of painted steel and utilizing robust casters, these vacuums are the heaviest duty, most durable industrial vacuums on the market. This line of single phase industrial vacuums deliver best in class performance. Available in 9, 13 or 26 gallon collection capacities, Kärcher offer companies a choice when it comes to their mobile industrial vacuuming needs.

Key features include:

  • Impressive filtration
  • Easy-to-empty-waste container
  • User-friendly design

3-Phase Industrial Vacuums

When continuous vacuum operation is required, look to the Kärcher series of 3-phase (460V) industrial vacuums. Utilizing side-channel motors that are completely enclosed and fan cooled (TEFC), these vacuums are ideal for fixed process applications. Because of their high performance capability, Kärcher 3-phase vacuums allow operators to work further away from the vacuum. All vacuums in this series are CSA approved and NFPA 652 compliant. Optional HEPA filter is available for critical filtration.

Key features include:

  • Easy to operate
  • Robust construction
  • Industry specific design


Air-Operated Pneumatic Industrial Vacuums

When electricity is not available or desired, Kärcher offers a line of Air-Operated Vacuums. Kärcher air-operated (pneumatic) industrial vacuums offer powerful vacuum performance with minimal air consumption. No moving internal parts greatly minimize maintenance. Ideal for both intermittent and continuous operation, Kärcher Air-Operated Industrial Vacuums offer operators tremendous versatility, all in a safe and powerful overall package.

Key features include:

  • Pneumatic drive
  • Ample accessory storage
  • High-efficiency filter

Explosion Proof Industrial Vacuums

Few issues facing facilities today are more imperative than the concerns regarding combustible dust. Kärcher has developed a series of vacuums for the exclusive purpose of safely and effectively collecting this volatile dust. Available in single phase and 3-phase versions, Kärcher Explosion-Proof (Exp) industrial vacuums are CSA certified. For applications were electricity is not available, Kärcher offers a version of our air-operated vacuum that is suitable for Class II, Division I and II, Group F and G environments.

Key features include:

  • Robust Wheels
  • Manual Emptying & Superior Filtration
  • Pressure Indicator

Industrial Vacuums for Oil & Coolant Collection

The IVR-L 100/18-2 offers superior collection and separation of chips from liquid, and offers the operator the ability to pump the collected oil and coolant back out to be disposed or recycled. An automatic shut-off prevents overfill. The IVR-L 100 comes standard with a chip basket, as well as oil resistant hose and accessories.

Key features include:

  • Tilting chassis with lifting system
  • Central top inlet
  • User-friendly industrial design