In 2018, we are again the official supplier of the Dakar Rally, the most famous endurance desert rally in the world. After the great success of Kärcher cleaning stations in previous years, we are happy to provide our power washers to keep vehicles clean once again.

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Desert Adventure - Kärcher Cleans The Dakar Rally

After the great success of Kärcher cleaning centers at the last six Dakar Rallies, the cleaning specialist will be an official supplier to this year’s rally, too. Global market leader Kärcher will ensure that vehicles are kept clean by erecting cleaning stations with extra powerful professional pressure washers. All teams will be able to have their vehicles cleaned thoroughly with pressure washers before they are prepared overnight to hit the road the next day. The service will be provided in Pisco (Peru) and Chilecito (Argentina).

2018 Dakar Rally Program:

The drivers weren't the only ones to benefit from the cleaning service – environmental effects were also taken into account. Kärcher high-pressure washers use up to 80% less fresh water compared to conventional washing with a hose. The water used at the stations gets collected and recirculated.


January 6: Lima - Pisco
January 7: Pisco - Pisco
January 8: Pisco - San Juan de Marcona
January 9: San Juan de Marcona - San Juan de Marcona
January 10: San Juan de Marcona - Arequipa
January 11: Arequipa - La Paz
January 12: Rest day at La Paz
January 13: La Paz - Uyuni
January 14: Uyuni - Tupiza
January 15: Tupiza - Salta
January 16: Salta - Belén
January 17: Belén - Chilecito
January 18: Chilecito - San Juan
January 19: San Juan – Córdoba
January 20: Córdoba - Córdoba



The service was highly appreciated during the Dakar Rally in 2017. The traditional Dakar Rally, which has been held in South America since 2009, pushes man and machine to the limits. In order to meet the challenge, Kärcher, as official equipment supplier, has provided technical support to all participants for the past six years. In one overnight camp in Salta (Argentina), the company erected a cleaning station for the teams to wash their cars, bikes, quads and trucks to remove sand, dust and dirt.

A service that was well received: during the entire rally, more than 1,500 vehicles passed through the Kärcher station for a thorough wash prior to maintenance. The dirty water was collected, filtered and recirculated for further cleaning.

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