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Kärcher Electric Pressure Washers

Restore your home's outer beauty and make your vehicles shine like new with help from Kärcher! 

Find the perfect electric pressure washer for your home

Kärcher is the world's largest manufacturer of pressure washers, from small home models to large commercial units. We've been making cleaning equipment for over 80 years and have sold millions of pressure washers around the globe. We can't wait to put our knowledge and German engineering to work for you!

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Which is the best electric pressure washer for you?

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absolute top performance

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K5 Premium

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the best deal on a powerful high-end pressure washer 

We recommend you consider ...

K4 Premium

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the best pressure washer that includes a surface cleaner

We recommend you consider ...

K1900R SC

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a pressure washer with four wheels, so I don't have to constantly move it around

We recommend you consider ...

K3 Follow Me

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an entry-level pressure washer with a complete set of accessories for home and vehicle cleaning

We recommend you consider ...


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the best pressure washer for cleaning my car

We recommend you consider ...

K2 CCK or K3 Follow Me

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even more choices!

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Our complete line

What can I clean with a Kärcher electric pressure washer?

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Best Reviews

K5 Premium Electric Pressure Washer

"Best of the Best"

"Superior performance combined with durable design. The best on the market"

Family Handyman Magazine

K3 Follow Me Electric Pressure Washer

Editor's Choice – Lightweight Champ

"We liked the portability of this unit so much that we had to create a special award. It’s not only small and easy to store but is less than half the weight of most electrics."

Garage Spot

K3 Follow Me Electric Pressure Washer

"We love the Karcher Follow Me electric pressure washer. It’s not the powerhouse pros need, but because it’s so lightweight, so mobile, and so easy to use, we highly recommend this machine for the typical homeowner."

Living a Fit and Full Life

K2000 Electric Pressure Washer

"I was blown away right away with the cleaning power of the K2000! It literally washed away years and years of dirt."

Surface Cleaner

"Kärcher's 11" surface cleaner did an amazing job at cleaning my parents driveway and I love that there was no splash back!"

Why choose Kärcher?

Innovation – Water Cooled Induction Motor
German Engineering. Quality Tested.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We currently sell four models with water-cooled motors:

In addition to being water-cooled, these are also induction motors – which are generally more powerful, efficient and longer lasting than universal motors. 

There is no need to buy a special garden hose. A regular, good quality garden hose, preferably 5/8" and no more than 50 feet in length will deliver the necessary water flow. Most homes will already have one or more of these.

Any regular residential water supply is fine (city or well water). For best results, you should have a water flow of 4 gallons per minute at a minimum of 40 PSI. Most homes in the U.S. will meet this requirement.

To find out your home's water flow rate: 

  • connect your garden hose to an outside spigot
  • insert the other end of the hose into a 5 gallon bucket
  • turn the water spigot fully on
  • allow the water to run into the bucket for one minute, then switch it off

After you have followed the above steps, see how much water is in the bucket. It should be at least four gallons or more.

All of our electric pressure washers are certified for safety and equipped with a GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter). Furthermore, they are double insulated, so they are actually designed to work in a wet environment! The amp draw is a house-friendly 13 amps on most models. Every day millions of customers around the globe rely on our electric power washers to safely and easily clean their homes. 

Yes, but ...

While we do not encourage the use of extension cords, if one is necessary, please make sure it is:

  • outdoor rated
  • size 14 gauge or larger
  • no longer than 50 feet

Our electric pressure washers are designed to be used with or without pressure washer detergent. We highly recommend our concentrated, environmentally friendly Multipurpose and Vehicle Wash & Wax detergents – these will help reduce your cleaning time and clean more thoroughly.

Corrosive chemicals such as bleach or chlorine can harm the pressure washer's pump (and the environment) and should never be used. Please note that use of corrosive chemicals will void the pressure washer's warranty.


These are residential pressure washers designed to work with your home’s tap water. The water temperature should not exceed 104℉. Use of hot water (e.g., from a water heater) will damage a residential pressure washer's pump. For most homes it is not necessary to clean with hot water. Use detergents instead to help loosen dirt and grime, if needed.

If you absolutely need to clean with hot water, please consider our line of commercial hot water pressure washers.

Our residential electric pressure washers are designed to be maintenance-free. However we do offer a few tips to keep your electric pressure washer in top shape:

  • If your pressure washer has a removable detergent tank, you should rinse it after you're done cleaning
  • If you live in an area where temperatures fall below freezing, you should use a Pump Guard before storing it for the winter
  • You may also want to use a Pump Guard during the warmer months to help lubricate and protect the internal components of your pressure washer's pump

All pressure washers should be stored in an area that is protected from extreme cold or heat. For most people this will be a garage, basement or tool shed. During the winter months it is especially important to use a Pump Guard to protect the pump. 

Want even more choices?

While the above are our most popular models, we offer more than a dozen residential pressure washers in total - from 1600 to 2000 PSI. View all electric residential pressure washers.

If you want even more cleaning power, and prefer using gas powered machines, we also offer a full line of residential gas pressure washers. View all residential gas pressure washers.

And if your business needs commercial or industrial power washers, we have you covered there as well – view all commercial pressure washers