Driveway Art Cobblestone Stencil

Make Art with Your Pressure Washer

Using nothing but a Kärcher pressure washer and stencils, you can create art and patterns on your driveway, sidewalks and other concrete areas.

Need some inspiration for a fun home project?

Have a dirty driveway or sidewalk? Or even a fence or concrete wall? Own a pressure washer? Create a stencil and some making some art! You'll be the talk of the neighborhood as you transform your dirty surfaces into striking works of art or patterns. 

We've partnered with the founders of Driveway Art* to show you a few examples you can replicate at home with one or more of their unique stencils. You can easily complete a stenciling project on a Saturday afternoon. No experience needed! 

*2022 UPDATE: Driveway Art has since closed, but we are leaving this page up to give you ideas to create your own stencils.

How to Stencil Your Driveway

  1. Make a stencil or purchase one online.
  2. Turn on your Karcher pressure washer. For this type of project, we recommend a Kärcher electric pressure washer.
  3. Figure out the pattern you want to make on your dirty driveway, walkway or patio. Is it a full pattern? Is it an organic placement of pineapples or flowers? Envision the possibilities!
  4. Take a "before" picture (trust us, you’ll want to see the transformation)
  5. Start by laying down the stencil on your dirty concrete and stand on top of the stencil.
  6. Aim the pressure washer gun in the middle of the stencil so that you don’t accidentally spray outside of the lines.
  7. Pressure Wash the entire stencil, being careful not to spray past the stencil edge.
  8. Once the area is cleaned, lift the stencil to reveal the clean design on the dirty concrete.
  9. Move the stencil to the next area and repeat. If you purchase one of the patterns, such as Cobblestone, simply use the registration marks to line up the stencil.
  10. Spray the rest of your canvas.
  11. Take an "after" picture and upload to social media. Tag us on Instagram.

Before & After Examples

It's hard to believe that these transformations were all created using just a pressure washer and a stencil!

Karcher Driveway Art Cobblestone Stencil Pressure Washer
Karcher Driveway Art Cobblestone After Pressure Washer
Karcher Driveway Art Cobblestone After Pressure Washer Alternate Angle
Driveway Art Cobblestone Stencil
Driveway Art Flourish Stencil with Karcher K5 Premium
Driveway Art Flourish Stencil Used with Karcher K5 Premium
Karcher Before Driveway Art
Karcher AFTER Driveway Art Flourish Stencil
Driveway Art Hopscotch with Pressure Washer
Driveway Art Flower Jax Stencil