Cuda Industrial Parts Washers

The Safe, Solvent-Free Solution to Cleaning Parts Automatically.

The best decision you can make when buying an automatic parts washer is to choose a well-designed product with an outstanding reputation for quality. Engineered to withstand the rigors of daily use, Cuda Kärcher Group has been producing the highest quality in automatic aqueous parts washers since 1993. And with knowledgeable dealer support available throughout the country, you have a valuable sales and service resource when you need help with your industrial cleaning system.

The Trusted Name In Industrial Parts Washers.

Cuda is the trusted name in industrial parts washers. Whether the parts you’re cleaning are big or small, wide or narrow, heavy or lightweight, Cuda offers many industrial parts washers that can meet your cleaning requirements.


Industrial Parts Washers - Top Load vs. Front Load.


Automatic Parts Washers - Top-Load System

Small in size, yet able to clean parts up to 500 pounds. Ideal for individuals in any industry looking to clean small to medium sized parts. Design and technology are at their best with our top-load automatic parts washers.

Automatic Parts Washers - Front-Load System

Completely automatic and solvent-free, our rugged, industrial parts washers greatly simplify parts cleaning. Space saving roll-in doors allow easy access to the wash chamber and prevent solution from dripping on the floor.

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Save Money & Time with a Cuda® Automatic Parts Washer

Learn how Cuda® Automatic Parts Washers can save you considerable time and money.


Aqueous Parts Washers - A Safer Choice

Learn how Cuda® Aqueous Parts Washers are safe for the environment and employees.

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