Automatic Parts Washers Saves You Money

Consider investing in a Cuda industrial parts washer. This is a fully automated, cost effective solution that offers a great ROI and higher revenue for your business.

Automatic Parts Washers can boost productivity and save labor?

Washing parts by hand is a time consuming and expensive process, and a waste of valuable resources. Your high paid automotive technicians shouldn’t be standing over a solvent sink cleaning car parts by hand – they should be fixing cars! With a Cuda automatic parts washer, you’re letting a machine do the dirty work – and in the process, maximizing revenue and freeing up your technicians’ time so they can focus on what you’re paying them to do: make money for you. In addition, you are demonstrating concern for their safety and health by providing them with a non-flammable, non-toxic, environmentally friendly alternative to dangerous petroleum-based solvents.

Cuda automatic parts washers are one of the best labor saving tools in the shop. They are a completely automated, solvent-free solution to your manufacturing needs, and as easy to use as the dishwasher in your kitchen. Simply load dirty parts in the cabinet, set the timer, and close the door. While your technicians are busy working on more important profit-making tasks, your automatic parts washer will do the rest!

Impact your bottom line with a Cuda Automatic Parts Washer.

Here’s how: The national average for washing parts is one-half hour per day for every technician. Most repair shops charge $65 to $150 per hour for a technician’s services. That means that a half hour of cleaning parts could be costing your business $30 to $75 per day—or $7,800 to $19,500 per year —in billable repair time that’s not being used (based on 260 work days per year or 2,080 hours).

You can see that it doesn’t take long to recoup the total cost of a Cuda Automatic Parts Washer.

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