Cuda Front-Load Parts Washer Features

front load parts washer control panel

Control Panel

Includes low-water indicator light, oil skimmer, heater & wash-cycle timers and turntable ON/OFF switch. (all models)

automatic low water shut-off

Automatic Low-Water Shutoff

Enhances safety and protects heating element by automatically turning the unit off if the water level drops too low. (standard all models)

built-in oil skimmer

Built-In Oil Skimmer

Along with optional oil drain container, removes & collects oil from cleaning solution in sump. (standard all models)

retractable intermediate spray arm

Retractable Intermediate Spray Arm

Rotates down to clean small parts with or without the optional double-basket.

debris screen for parts washers

Removable Debris Screen

Prevents small particles and loose parts from entering the cleaning solution, ensuring blockage-free spray-nozzle operation. (standard all models) 

Cuda parts washer door safety switch

Door Safety Switch

Protects the operator from hot water spray if roll-in door is opened.

optional Cuda deluxe kit

Optional Deluxe Kit

Includes a fold-down detail tray, a  detail brush that aids in cleaning those delicate or lightly soiled parts and a pneumatic power brush for those pieces that need cleaning attention. A dedicated sump also is part of the optional Deluxe Kit. (all models)

parts washer two-tier turntable

Optional Two-Tier Turntable

Adds second level parts containment for greater parts washing capacity.

Designed For Safety

In addition to all the bells and whistles, all standard Cuda parts washer models are ETL-Certified to the UL-73 standards. The ETL certification provides assurance that your Cuda has been independently tested and is in compliance to North American safety standards.

ETL Certified and designed for safety