Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Kärcher's range of Industrial Vacuums are designed to help boost productivity and help you create a safe and well kept facility.

Kärcher  Intermittent Duty Vacs

Intermittent Duty Vacs

Designed for intermittent use, these single phase electric vacuums are NFPA 652 compliant, and can be deployed throughout a facility to tackle virtually any housekeeping task, including overhead applications.

Kärcher  Continuous Duty Vacs

Continuous Duty Vacs

Designed for continuous operation these three-phase (460V) industrial vacuums are ideal for fixed process applications. All vacuums in this series are CSA approved and NFPA 652 compliant. Optional HEPA filter is available for critical filtration.

Kärcher  Pneumatic Vacs

Pneumatic Vacs

When electricity is unavailable or not desired, our line of air-operated industrial vacuums offer powerful performance with minimal air consumption. No moving internal parts greatly minimize maintenance. Ideal for both intermittent and continuous operation.

Kärcher  Hazardous Location Vacs

Hazardous Location Vacs

Developed for the exclusive purpose of safely and effectively collecting this volatile dust. Available in single phase and 3-phase versions, Kärcher Explosion-Proof (EXP) industrial vacuums are CSA certified.

Kärcher  Oil & Coolant Collection

Oil & Coolant Collection

For the collection of oil and coolant mixed with metal chips, offers superior collection and separation of these chips from the liquid, and provides the operator the ability to pump the collected oil and coolant back out to be disposed or recycled.