With the FC 5 both dry and damp dirt can be cleaned in a single work step. There is no need for tedious vacuuming beforehand - and wiping is more effortless, thorough and quick than ever before.

FC 5

2-in-1: wiping with suction function

Loose, dried or damp dirt is first picked up by the rollers - and then suctioned directly into the dirty water tank. So the rollers always stay fresh and clean.


The FC 5 saves time and ensures a better cleaning result

50% time savings

Twice as fast as conventional methods*

20% better results

500 roller revolutions per minute ensure much more thorough results

Verschiedene Hartböden

Suitable for all hard floors

Schnelle Trocknung

Dry in next to no time

Thanks to the low residual moisture, the wiped floor can be walked on again after a maximum of 2 minutes.


Effortless application

Without scrubbing, hard floor cleaning is more effortless than ever before.


85% water saving***

Compared to conventional methods, the FC 5 saves a lot of valuable water.

Revolutionarily different

Walze Reinigung bis an den Rand

The innovative drive concept in the middle of the cleaning head allows the floor cleaner to clean right up to the edge - for excellent results in corners and along edges.

Reinigung unter niedrigen Möbeln

The flexible joint means that even low furniture and narrow, irregularly shaped spaces are no problem for the FC 5.

Reinigung von Treppen

Thanks to its long cable and high degree of flexibility, the FC 5 floor cleaner can even clean stairs effortlessly.

And so easy to use.


Congratulations to our lucky competition winners

Alana, Daleen, Michelle, Martie, Sybil, Michelle, Athena, Iloni, Natasha, Danel, Anegelique, Monique, Marthinus, Runette, Marie.

* Caused by combining vacuuming and wiping into one single step when cleaning the floor with the FC 5/FC 5 Cordless.

** The Kärcher floor cleaner achieves a 20 % better cleaning performance compared to a conventional wiping mop with wiping cloth cover in the “Wiping” test category. This relates to averaged test results in cleaning efficiency, dirt pick-up and edge cleaning.

*** The FC 5 (consumption: 0.6 l)/the FC 3 Cordless (consumption: 0.4 l) saves up to 85 / 90 % water when cleaning a floor area of 60 m² compared to a conventional mop and 5-litre bucket (consumption: 5.0 l).