Warranty conditions

1.) Content and Scope of the Warranty

Kärcher (Pty) Ltd hereby undertakes to the first user that the appliance sold with this certificate is free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service, for a period of three years from the date of purchase subject to the following condition:

a) This warranty shall not affect those rights vis-à-vis the seller, secured by law and by contract, which belongs to the customer in his identity as consumer and purchaser.
b) Any faults of material or manufacture which emerge within the warranty period shall (except in cases of the sort specified under No. 4 below) be eliminated or corrected by the Kärcher Customer Service Department, or by an authorized service partner of Kärcher, free of charge – either by repair or by replacement of the machine/parts of the machine in question, whichever Kärcher shall judge to be appropriate.
c) Any machines or components of machines which are replaced by new components shall become the property of Kärcher.
d) The present warranty comprises no right to claims for damages against Kärcher which extend beyond the rights specified therein.
e) The present warranty constitutes no basis for a right of rescission from the purchasing agreement/sales contract or for a reduction of the purchase price.
f) All payments, services, and other benefits which the purchaser shall have received from the seller as a consequence of the latter’s liability under the product guarantee shall be imputed to the warranty.
g) The removal of the serial number from the appliance will render this undertaking null and void.
h) All Professional machines are to be serviced once every six months or every 500 hours depending on which comes first.
i) RM 110/RM111 are to be used in all HDS (hot water machines) at all times.

2.) Term and Period of Warranty

a) The period of warranty shall begin from the date of invoice.
b) The following warranty terms apply to:

Professional Products 24 months
Retail products 24 months on certain models only
Repairs 3 months
Second-hand machines 12 months

c) Neither the delivery of new machines, or parts of machines, in fulfilment of warranty commitments, nor improvements to machines made free of charge during the warranty period, shall have as a consequence an extension of the original warranty period nor a recommencement of said warranty period from the time of said delivery/improvement.

3.) Necessary Preconditions for Claims Made Under Warranty

a) Present the original proof of purchase.
b) Notification of any claims to be made under warranty must be sent to the Customer Service Dept. (see No. 6 below) in writing, within the warranty period, and immediately upon the customer’s discovery of the fault or defect in question.

4.) Cases Not Covered by the Warranty

In cases where the following examples are found, or where signs are detectable on the machine that one or more of the following might have been the case, no rights or claims exist under the present warranty:

a) The use of the machine for a purpose contrary to its intended purpose.
b) Improper operation of the machine.
c) The setting-up of the machine in an improper position or its installation by an unauthorised third party.
d) External influences exerted on the machine, such as vandalism, natural catastrophes, environmental influences, fire, weather-related influences, or other natural phenomena.
e) Contact with materials against which the machine is not resistant.
f) The use of the machine with attachments not manufactured by Kärcher or previously authorised by Kärcher, and/or the installation of spare parts not manufactured or authorised by Kärcher.
g) Insufficient maintenance.
h) The following wear and tear components and attachments are not covered by the warranty:
i. High pressure and low pressure seals in the high-pressure pump.
ii. Oil seals
iii. Trigger guns, high-pressure hoses and nozzles.
iv. Pump sets
v. Non-return valves, low-pressure valves and high-pressure valves
vi. Chemical injectors and strainers used in foaming attachments
vii. Diesel nozzles, diesel filters and electrodes
viii. Electrical components such as micro switches, electric motors and switches.
i) The carrying-out of installations, repairs, or refurbishing on the machine in question by a third party not authorised for such work by Kärcher.
j) The use of the machine with fuels and/or cleaning agents which have not been approved for use by Kärcher.
k) Improper voltage, sudden voltage spikes or power fluctuations in the electrical supply.
l) Not adhering to the correct extension cable requirements such as maximum length and correct cross section.
m) Heating coil failure due to excessive water hardness or improper settings during commissioning

5.) Transfer of Warranty Rights and Period of Limitation Thereon

a) If a Kärcher machine to which there still attaches a warranty is sold, the warranty rights in question, in the form in which they exist (as per No. 2 of the present Conditions) at the point in time of the sale, shall pass over, along with the right of property in the machine, to the new owner thereof.
b) Claims under the present warranty in respect of a fault or defect discovered during the warranty period may only be asserted up to, and not after, the point in time when the warranty period ends.

6.) Contact Details

 Telephone number +27 11 657 7300
 Fax number +27 11 657 7440
 @ address Service @karcher.co.za
 Kärcher web page: www.karcher.co.za