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Kärcher is the world leader in cleaning technology, with machines, cleaning agents and accessories for all industrial cleaning applications. From surface cleaning to deep cleaning, for production facilities, warehouses and offices, Kärcher solutions will ensure your facilities remain clean, safe and always productive.


Automotive Packages

Perfectly presented stock, pristine workshop and showroom floors and well maintained outdoor areas have never been more important. These specially selected cleaning solutions are each designed to keep your premisis clean and safe, ensuring you can offer the very best customer experience.

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BSC Packages

Innovative products that guarantee the highest level of cleanliness, efficiency and ease of use in building and façade cleaning.

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Agriculture Packages

Keeping cleanliness and hygiene as high as possible ensures higher yields. Maintaining a high level of hygiene in stalls, for example, improves animals' performance while reducing their health risks and cutting their medication costs.

Car wash

Car Wash Packages

These packages are ideal for any start up car wash to clean fleets of domestic cars. The results are exceptional. Perfectly tailored for your needs.

Carpet cleaning package

Carpet Cleaning Package

Carpet cleaning package for effective cleaning of large carpeted areas. Kärcher carpet cleaners are robust, powerful and suitable for effective deep and intermediate cleaning of carpets and stain removal from textiles.

Roof and home cleaning package

Roof and Home Cleaning Package

Our home and roof cleaning package is specially designed so that you can effortlessly clean hard-to-reach areas during high-pressure cleaning operations.

Business cleaning packages

Business Cleaning Packages

If you are thinking of starting a new cleaning business or already own such a bussiness, then choosing the right cleaning equipment is a top priority.