Water treatment unit WRH 1200 Classic

Reclamation of oily waste water (oil content 5 - 30 mg/l) for high pressure cleaner with water demand up to 1,200 l/h as an innovative and efficient filtration for reusing water for wash processes, combined with chemical free retention of hydrocarbons and tensides for discharge into public sewer system with unbeatable price efficiency ratio.

The WRH 1200 Classic is intended as a chemical-free water reclamation system for the treatment of oily wastewater with an oil content between 5 - 30 mg/l, e.g. from the engine, underbody or parts wash with the high-pressure cleaner. The WRH 1200 Classic works with a flow performance of 1200 l/h, a wastewater throughput of 550 l/d without the addition of chemical flocculants. The fresh water requirement is lowered by up to 85% and limited to the clear rinsing of the vehicles. Thanks to the low energy consumption and the simple installation, the WRH 1200 Classic is characterised by very low investment and operating costs.The WRH 1200 Classic combines two filter methods: active carbon filtration and the Filatwist filtration technology developed by Kärcher.

Features and benefits
Water treatment unit WRH 1200 Classic: Chemical-free solution
Chemical-free solution
Low operating costs. Supplies high-pressure cleaners directly. Fast investment payback.
Water treatment unit WRH 1200 Classic: Backwash filters
Backwash filters
Effective elimination of particles > 5 µm. Exceptional price/performance ratio.
Water treatment unit WRH 1200 Classic: Modular concept
Modular concept
Tailor-made solutions depending on location and customer requirements. Low space requirement. Easy to install.

Technical data

Throughput (l/h) 1200
Frequency (Hz) 50
Voltage (V) 230
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 1000 x 480 x 1600