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Foam Lance

Foam Lance

Choose bewteen Foam Lance M22 or Foam Lance TR Easylock.

RM Detergents

RM Cleaning Detergent

Choose between RM 81 cleaning detergent or RM 812 cleaning deteregent.

Dirt blaster

Dirt Blaster

Choose between the M22 dirtblaster nozzle or the TR easylock dirtblaster nozzle.

Drain cleaning kit

Drain Cleaning Kit

Choose between a 20m Drain cleaning hose M22 + pipe clleaning nozzle or a Drain cleaning hose TR EasyLock + pipe cleaning nozzle

Extension hose

Extension Hose

Choose between 10m Extension hose M22 + coupler or 10m Extension hose TR Easylock.

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These specials are only valid at these Kärcher Centers: East Rand, KZN, and Kärcher Nelspruit. 

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