Steam Cleaner

Steam Cleaner

One for everything: the steam cleaner. The Kärcher steam cleaners ensure cleanliness in the entire household and your family can be sure that everything is cleaned fibre-deep – completely without chemicals. Thanks to the top cleaning performance, the steam kills 99.99 %* of all bacteria and ensures maximum hygiene and a healthy living environment. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, on floors or even for the ironing, Kärcher really goes full steam and delivers top results. Discover the diversity of possible applications now!

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Product overview Steam Cleaner

Steam eliminates 99.99 % of all bacteria*

The best method of fighting bacteria is sometimes the easiest: hot water steam. The powerful steam emission, the high steam temperature, powerful nozzles and greatly heated cleaning cloths ensure that Kärcher steam cleaners eliminate 99.99 %* of all common household bacteria on hard surfaces, fittings, tiles, mirrors etc. This was confirmed in the course of scientific studies. Common household bacteria thus practically no longer have any chance.


  • Hygiene and fibre-deep cleanliness with steam – completely without chemicals, just with mains water
  • Elimination of 99.99 per cent* of all common household bacteria on hard surfaces
  • Better cleaning performance than with conventional manual cleaning methods with detergent
  • High steam temperature, strong steam generation

* Thorough cleaning with the Kärcher steam cleaner removes 99.99% of all common household bacteria from common household hard surfaces.

You have the choice: The new EasyFix series with improved accessories


The improved wiping mop**

The floor can be a real stomping ground. Unfortunately not only for crawling babies, playing children and pets, but also for bacteria and dirt. Steam cleaners are the perfect solution. On hard surfaces such as stone, tiles, PVC, laminate or sealed parquet, they reliably ensure hygiene and cleanliness without leaving behind chemical residues. The EasyFix floor nozzle with lamellas ensures that the steam remains in contact with the floor for a long time to produce its maximum effect. The clean result: 99.99 per cent of common household bacteria are eliminated. Kärcher steam cleaners are thus considerably more hygienic than conventional wiping mops**. Thanks to the carpet glider, carpets can also be conveniently refreshened with the steam cleaner.


** When thoroughly cleaning with the Kärcher steam cleaner the cleaning performance is better than cleaning with a manual mop and detergent. Tested according to international performance standards.

Because bacteria in the kitchen don't taste good: the Kärcher SC steam cleaner for hygiene and cleanliness.


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2) Diversity, distribution and sources of bacteria in residential kitchens, Gilberto E. Flores et al., 2012
3) Global Hygiene Council, 2014

Full steam ahead - Very diverse areas of application

Floor cleaning

When cleaning hard floor surfaces such as stone, tiles, PVC, laminate or sealed parquet, the SC steam cleaner ensures maximum cleanliness and hygiene – without chemical residues.


Kitchen cleaning

Whether fittings, wall tiles, glass or plastic surfaces, extractor hood, oven or sink – the SC steam cleaner ensures hygiene and cleanliness in the kitchen – without great effort.

Bathroom cleaning

Also for cleaning wall tiles, glass and mirror surfaces, windows, fittings, shower cabins, joints or cracks, the SC steam cleaners do a perfect job and ensure absolute hygiene and cleanliness.

Steam ironing

The Kärcher SI 4 EasyFix Iron steam ironing system with high-quality steam iron and ironing board saves up to 50% ironing time with 100% ironing results and immediately shelf-dry laundry.

Here you find more tips for "cleaning with steam"

One for everything – thanks to comprehensive accessories

The extensive offer of accessories for the Kärcher steam cleaners ensure a wide range of possible applications in the whole household.

Steam ironing board

Steam pressure iron




Cloth kits


Brush attachments


Steam hoses


Accessory kits



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