Inside Kärcher

We are working on new solutions – full steam ahead. Today as we always have.



From the very beginning, Kärcher has always been characterised by ingenuity and innovative thinking. Find out more about the family-owned company headquartered in Winnenden near Stuttgart.

Sustainability at Kärcher


Social responsibility and sustainable business have always been an essential component of Kärcher‘s corporate culture.

Kärcher Sponsoring


As our business activities expand worldwide, so too does our social responsibility. For years, we have been supporting the restoration of prominent cultural monuments around the world.


About Kärcher Hong Kong

Besides the 80 years of history in Germany, there are more than 20 years of history in Hong Kong. We have been providing professional cleaning equipment to various industries and helping business to create the best environment. For the household cleaning series, advanced technology and user-friendly design provides comprehensive care to every family in Hong Kong.