About Kärcher Hong Kong

Besides the 80 years of history in Germany, Kärcher has more than 20 years of history in Hong Kong. We have been providing professional cleaning equipment to various industries which creates the best environment for businesses. Advanced technology and user-friendly design of the household cleaning series provides comprehensive care to every family in Hong Kong.


Kärcher has more than 20 years of history in Hong Kong. Over the years, the company has been focusing on cleaning systems and product development with more than 1,200 patents and designs. Our products are professional, reliable, durable, and the cleaning systems, and service presences throughout the world. The company provides professional cleaning products and services to many industries, and is widely used by a wide range of businesses. The quality has been affirmed.

Our professional cleaning products are respected by many industries. It's new and wide range of cleaning equipment are adopted by various government departments, public organizations and business organizations. Professional equipment including floor cleaners, high-pressure water jets, wet and dry vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaning machines, road sweepers, and steam cleaning machines.

As for the household products, Kärcher expanded the production line in addition to the traditional yellow Kärcher home series in 2013. We have launched a new white home series and appointed Shun Hing Innovative Concept Co Ltd as the exclusive distributor of white home line in Hong Kong and Macau.

Kärcher’s household products for home cleaning solutions with the highest quality is able to solve everyday’s household cleaning problems. Kärcher has brought the innovation of the steam cleaning technology to Hong Kong, and gives comprehensive care to every corner of the home. Household cleaning and dusting with steam cleaning series, as well as advanced technology and simple control design allows customers to easily enjoy a clean and healthy lifestyle.

Kärcher has committed to provide high quality of products and services for industrial and commercial organizations as well as families. We also embrace the importance to corporate social responsibility. In addition to all kinds of global charity projects, Kärcher’s worldwide cleaning projects arrived to Hong Kong for the first time in early June in 2015. Kärcher has cleaned the stairways of the giant Buddha at Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island Big Buddha which gave a new look to the Hong Kong's famous tourist landmark. Kärcher has also been sponsoring the annual Hong Kong cross-harbor swimming that we provide Kärcher’s gardening showers for contestants to showers after the game.

Kärcher’s contribution benefits Hong Kong. We will continue to give Hong Kong citizen a clean, comfortable and harmonious living environment.