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Vacuum cleaners from Kärcher combine high suction power with manoeuvrability and flexibility. For allergy sufferers, single people, families and pet owners alike, Kärcher has the right vacuum cleaner for every situation.

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Vacuum cleaner with bag

VC 2

The compact VC 2 canister vacuum cleaner from Kärcher is perfect for use in flats or smaller homes. It can be stored in small spaces and provides extremely reliable cleaning results. What's more, the VC 2 impresses with numerous convenient features such as the automatic cable rewind, which allows the cable to be tidied away quickly after use, the fold-down carrying handle, which makes it easy to carry up and down stairs, the infinitely variable power control on the device and the storage compartment for accessories. The Premium model also includes a parquet nozzle in the scope of supply for the gentle cleaning of parquet and hard floors.

Kärcher vacuum cleaner with bag

Bag technology

Kärcher vacuum cleaners with a bag are very hygienic because the vacuumed dirt and dust are reliably trapped in the bag. When the bag is full, it can be quickly removed from the device and disposed of without coming into contact with the dirt or even generating dust. This feature is particularly valued by allergy sufferers, among others.

Bagless vacuum cleaners

Kärcher bagless vacuum cleaner

VC 3

The new VC 3 multi-cyclone vacuum cleaner from Kärcher is perfect for flats and smaller homes due to its compact size. Not only does it get hard floors and carpets clean, but thanks to the crevice nozzle and soft dusting brush, it produces great results even in narrow gaps and on delicate surfaces.
Other benefits include its HEPA hygiene filter, which reliably filters the finest dirt such as pollen or other allergy-triggering particles, and the practical parking position. The Premium model also includes a parquet nozzle in the scope of supply for the gentle cleaning of parquet and hard floors.

Kärcher vacuum cleaner filter system

Multi-cyclone technology

The Kärcher vacuum cleaners with multi-cyclone technology do not collect the dirt in filter bags but in a transparent waste container. This not only saves on the inconvenience of buying and fitting expensive replacement filters but also shows at a glance when the container needs emptying.

Kärcher VC 5 compact vacuum cleaner

VC 5

The compact VC 5 vacuum cleaner from Kärcher is small but mighty, combining extremely compact dimensions with a great deal of power. This handheld vacuum cleaner can be stored easily in even the smallest households, yet it offers the same cleanliness as a conventional pull-along canister vacuum cleaner.
The handheld VC 5 vacuum cleaner impresses not only with its ultra compact design, excellent cleaning performance and clever filter system but also with its many properties and functions that take the hard work out of vacuuming. Discover the difference.

Bagless filter system with integrated filter cleaning

The bagless filter system on the compact vacuum cleaner not only saves having to buy expensive replacement filters but also makes emptying the filter quick and easy: simply remove the filter box from the handheld vacuum cleaner, open the lid and empty the dirt. An area of up to 150 m² can be vacuumed before the filter requires emptying.

Kärcher has given particular thought to filter cleaning on the VC 5: the act of unscrewing the filter also automatically cleans it, and then the loose dust can simply be emptied out.

The second filter in the filter box, the long-life filter, only has to be emptied of fine dust every couple of months and can be washed under running water if needed.

The HEPA hygiene filter (EN 1822:1995) provides a third filtration stage. It reliably traps the finest dust, such as pollen and allergy-triggering particles.

Vacuum cleaner with water filter

Kärcher vacuum cleaner with water filter

DS 6

The DS 6 vacuum cleaner with water filter not only guarantees clean floors but also ensures fresher exhaust air that is up to 99.5% dust-free. This noticeably improves the air and, with that, the indoor climate. Good for everyone – not just for allergy sufferers.

How the vacuum cleaner with water filter works

Unlike standard filter bag vacuum cleaners, the DS 6 Waterfilter works using the natural power of water. The water in the filter is swirled at high speed by the strong suction power. The vacuumed dirt is very effectively filtered from the air by this swirling water and immediately bound to the water bath. The result is extremely fresh exhaust air, clean enough even for allergy sufferers. Because there are no more filter bags in which allergens can multiply, even dust-mite excretions are washed away with the water after use. Another benefit for allergy sufferers is that dust is no longer generated when the vacuum is emptied.

  1. Effective main filtration in the transparent water filter. All coarse dirt is safely trapped in here. No more dust can be generated and the suction power is retained.
  2. The intermediate filter is washable and therefore long-lasting. It filters the tiny airborne particles from the condensed moist air.
  3. The special HEPA 12 filter traps 99.5% of pollen, fungal spores, bacteria and the dust-mite excretions.
Operating principle of vacuum cleaners with water filter

Dust and animal hair? We've got just what you need!

Motorised floor nozzle

Covered in dust

Where does all this dust keep coming from? There's no one who hasn't asked themselves that very question while gazing around at their home. The house is freshly cleaned – and yet, after no time at all, a thin layer of dust settles on furniture, house plants, books and the floor. The fact is that dust constantly stirred up in living spaces and is spread across a large area. That can't be helped – but at least it can be quickly rectified. With the new cordless vacuum cleaner models, you can effortlessly eliminate unpleasant house dust on the go, with maximum manoeuvrability.

What is dust actually made of?

From dead skin cells and carpet fibres to pollen and pet hair, dust is a whole mix of differently sized particles, which mingle and combine with each other. Depending on the size and weight of the particles, the dust will either be carried into every corner by the circulating air or swirl around constantly without settling anywhere.
We carry the majority of dirt into our homes on our shoes. It is therefore worthwhile having open mesh, coconut or textile mats or rubber sections to act as dirt traps, which trap the majority of dirt.

Emptying the waste container
Removing dog hair

Clean more often with pets

When living with dogs, cats, guinea pigs or rabbits, one big clean of the house per week isn't enough: muddy paw prints on the floor, food around the food bowl and unpleasant pet hairs find their way all over the house. Your cleaning device needs to come out regularly, as well as quickly for intermediate cleaning, to keep the house shipshape. Our cordless vacuum cleaners are always on hand and ready to overcome any cleaning challenge, even in areas that are difficult to reach, helping you clean your home in a quick and flexible way to suit your needs.

Pet hair, begone!

If you have a pet, you'll be familiar with the problem: hair from your four-legged friend quickly spreads around the whole house – even when you've just finished sweeping and cleaning. Pet hairs are particularly stubborn in carpets and door mats. A conventional broom is no help here, since it doesn't reliably remove fine hairs. What can come to your rescue? The new Kärcher cordless vacuum cleaners. The active floor nozzle is very effective at removing pet hairs from fabric floor coverings.

Cat litter everywhere? No problem!

Cats bury their business, but that means cat litter often ends up generously spread around outside the litter box. That's a cleaning task that our vacuum cleaner can do in no time. The small granules can be vacuumed quickly and easily. This is highly recommended because the granulate can scratch floor coverings if trodden on by accident.

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