Tian Tan Buddha is the world's tallest outdoor seated bronze Buddha, located at an altitude of 482 meters on the Lantau Island in Muyu peak in Hong Kong. The Buddha was built by Po Lin Monastery in 12 years and it is a Hong Kong's famous tourist landmark. Tian Tan Buddha is an outstanding addition to the project, it is an excellent achievement of Buddhist statues in modern art, it is also a precious cultural heritage of mankind.

Buddha is sitting on 268 stone steps, and was composed of  202 pieces of copper. It is 26.4 meters high and the totel hieght is about 34 meters with the lotus pedestal and base, weighing 250 tonnes. It is sitting on three layers altar. The total cost was more than 60 million of Hong Kong dollars. The Buddha building project was started in 1990 and completed in 1993. The completion has been more than two decades and it is located in an outdoor environment. Thus, the stone, base and stairway of the Buddha showed varying degrees of soiling and erosion after numerous days of sun and rain.

Cleaning the Giant Buddha is a significant event with reference to the cleaning project of KÄRCHER in 2012 in Wuxi, China. The preliminary planning and assessment was started in October 2014. In January 2015, KÄRCHER invited the global cleaning project expert Mr. Thorsten Möwes to make field visits in Po Lin Monastery. After the test results were satisfactory, the activity was scheduled to start on June 9, and completed within ten days.

The cleaning area has included a base portion of the Tian Tan Buddha as well as 268 steps to the altar. The cleaning area was over 20,000 square feet. Cleaning position is mainly composed of granite and limestone, which has experienced two decades of wind and rain, and therefore, the building has been presenting different contamination and loss.

KÄRCHER professional pressure washer HDS10 / 20M was in charge in the whole process. With high temperature and high pressure water jet technology, it released powerful water power to remove dirt which were difficult to clean. The sewage was discharged through the drains. In addition, the floor cleaning vehicles was used to deal with the cleaning for a larger area of Ditan position. The whole cleaning process did not use any chemicals to ensure the ecological environment and the building does not constitute damage.

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