Kärcher  High pressure

High pressure

The benefits are impressive: faster and better cleaning with less energy consumption and lower waste water pollution. Kärcher cleaning and care agents deliver brilliant performance in industry, trade and the food industry. High-pressure cleaners and cleaning agents perfectly balanced.

Kärcher  Parts


In industrial production, millions of parts have to be cleaned each day in preparation for coatings or for assembly. The demands on cleaning performance, surface protection and being free of residues are extremely high in this sector. Because of this, Kärcher has developed specific, highly effective cleaning agents which achieve impressive results when used with conventional parts cleaners as well as Kärcher Bio parts cleaners. As a result, Kärcher Bio PC Bio 100 and PC Bio 200 parts cleaners received the "Automechanika Award". All Kärcher parts cleaners are NTA- and solvent-free (VOC-free).