The Kärcher promise

At Kärcher, we know what you expect from your pressure washer – the highest quality, top performance and first-rate support over its entire operating life. Meeting these requirements is at the heart of everything we do. Kärcher makes the difference – find out for yourself.


Welcome to the home of WOW

For over 70 years, Kärcher has been perfecting the art of high-pressure cleaning and offering customers a next-level cleaning experience thanks to its continuous innovation. Choose cleaning solutions that will impress you with their performance, quality, sustainability and variety. Bring back the WOW.

Technology that takes you further

Kärcher pressure washers make you an expert in all cleaning tasks, whether around the home, in the garden, on the patio or on the car. We are constantly working towards new solutions and improving our devices so that you can complete your cleaning tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Unrivalled speed and economy

Kärcher makes the difference. Look forward to more power with lower consumption, as well as a longer lifetime with shorter cleaning times. The best example of this is our dirt blaster's patented Kärcher nozzle technology. The rotating high-pressure jet combines the power of a point jet with the area performance of a flat jet. Compared with the competition, the Kärcher dirt blaster dominates thanks to its unique technology, with its very high stripping performance that enables quicker and more efficient cleaning.

Uncompromisingly powerful

Compared with the competition, our devices are distinguished by a much greater stripping performance and cleaning efficiency. In short, cleaning is much faster, saving up to half the time and therefore half the energy and water*.


Kärcher vs. competition: Average savings**

In practical terms, our devices enable you to achieve the following annual savings when cleaning an area of 175 m²:

  • Enough energy for 15 washing machine cycles
  • Enough water for 11 baths or 22 showers
  • Time to watch six episodes of your favourite series


*with our dirt blaster compared to the leading European competitors

**Reference values: Washing machine cycle 0.34 kWh, bath 150 l, shower 72 l, episode length 45 min


Always well cooled

With our innovative water-cooled motor technology, Kärcher is setting new standards for pressure washers for private households*. Before the water is used for cleaning, it flows around the motor casing, providing constant cooling. The advantage is that the motor has particularly high power and a long service life.

*applies to selected devices in the K 4 to K 7 ranges with a water-cooled asynchronous motor


High-performance "Made by Kärcher" pumps

As the pump is at the heart of a pressure washer, we leave nothing to chance. We develop and manufacture the various pumps ourselves and they are customised to the relevant performance classes of our devices. To do this, we use carefully selected high-performance materials with the objective of optimising the materials used and focussing on pump durability.


Quality that you can see and feel

Kärcher pressure washers are rooted in professional applications. Private users continue to benefit from this because our devices set the standard for durability, reliability, user-friendliness and design. The well-known Kärcher quality is also why we emerge victorious from comparison tests time and again.

Reliable brand quality

For over 85 years, the name Kärcher has been synonymous with quality and "Made in Germany" innovation. We employ 1000 members of staff in Research and Development, who work every day to maintain this reputation. We develop our own pressure washers and manufacture them in our factories to the highest production standards. This includes

  • regular audits and the continuous optimisation of manufacturing processes
  • assuring our high quality standards along the entire procurement and production chain

In addition to our "Engineered in Germany" mark of quality, we incorporate developments from around the world effectively in order to meet local customer requirements (local for local).


Quality is no accident

We put the materials and components we use through their paces for quality assurance from the production phase. Before Kärcher pressure washers and accessories leave the factories, their functionality and performance are fully tested. In addition, we perform durability tests that simulate the toughest demands on a spot check basis. Why do we go through all this? To make sure you receive a perfect product that completely meets your high expectations.

The image shows automatic testing of the high-pressure nozzles' spraying pattern. A coloured light makes the water stream easier for cameras to see.


We don't leave you waiting a long time

With our spare parts, we guarantee uncompromising quality and long-term availability. This means that your pressure washer does not become obsolete if there is a fault, even after several years of use. Over 95% of our spare parts are available on a daily basis, allowing you to quickly get back to your cleaning tasks.

And, if you should ever need a repair, your Kärcher device will be in good hands – simply request a repair via our repair service.


Experience that creates trust

In 1984, Kärcher launched the HD 555, the first portable pressure washer for private households – marking a milestone in the history of cleaning devices. Since then, we have secured our long-term position as market leader by continuously developing new innovations and setting new standards for efficient high-pressure cleaning.

Innovative right from the start

Ever since the company was founded in 1935, our aspiration and commitment has been to make people's lives easier and more efficient. The aim of our founder, Alfred Kärcher, was also to constantly find new solutions to every challenge – and we have retained this spirit of innovation to this day. We employ 1000 members of staff in Research and Development, who work every day to develop even more efficient and sustainable technologies.

Our innovation in pressure washers for private households is also reflected by the many awards we have received for innovation, technology and design.


It all started with the HD 555

In 1984, Kärcher launched the world's first portable pressure washers for private households. The slogan "High-pressure cleaning – just like the professionals" impressed customers and, together with the HD 555, laid the foundation for a successful retail business. This was followed by many other milestones which have resulted in the sale of over 100 million pressure washers for private households since 1984.


Our milestones

  • 1984: First pressure washer for private households

  • 1991: First upright pressure washer

  • 2009: First silent pressure washer

  • 2010: First use of water-cooled motors in large quantities

  • 2016: First pressure washer with a display

  • 2021: First pressure washer with a Bluetooth connection

Kärcher – The innovation leader that goes the extra step

At Kärcher, a spirit of innovation is in the company's DNA. Our market leadership is underpinned by over 170 active, registered patents and designs around the world – and that's just for pressure washers for private households.


A sustainable way of doing business

Ecology and fighting climate change are a key part of our approach. For many years, we've been setting ourselves new goals to make our company systematically more efficient and resource-conserving and to shoulder our responsibility towards society.

As part of our 2025 sustainability goals, we have taken far-reaching measures with respect to carbon-neutral production, recycling plastics and reducing plastic packaging waste. What's more, sustainability is firmly embedded in the global supply chain and this commitment led to us being one of the winners of the German Sustainability Award 2022.

Investing in the closed loop cycle

We focus on achieving maximum efficiency when we develop our devices and this includes continuously reducing the material used. We are also increasingly deciding not to use new plastics and our objective is to increase the proportion of recycled plastic in our Home & Garden pressure washers up to 50% by 2025.


Transforming old materials into Kärcher products

The increasing tendency not to use new plastic also applies to our accessories. For example, tubes of selected spray lances are made from fabric recycled from air bags and residual materials from their production. These materials are then processed to form a durable material made of 100% recycled plastic. This enables CO₂ emissions, water consumption and the use of non-renewable energy to be reduced considerably.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Incorporating sustainability

At Kärcher, sustainability issues play an important role in our pressure washers from the development stage. We have made considerable progress in this area but still have a long way to go. Accordingly, we will vigorously drive forward the concepts of pollutant reduction and the circular economy by further developing different areas, such as design for recycling, design from recycling and product repairability and durability.


Products that solve all of your cleaning challenges

Whether you only occasionally reach for the pressure washer or you put it to use every weekend, we offer precisely the device you need – along with the right accessories. You will soon discover that no wall is too high, no corner is too hidden and no dirt is too stubborn for you and your Kärcher device!

Perfectly designed functionality

We listen to our customers intently when we are designing our products. We ask them about their wants and needs as part of our regular research and incorporate the findings into product development. Our pressure washers are also set apart by their unparalleled recognition value. Their design is based on the traits "powerful, straightforward and invigorating", which describe products that are easy to handle, stand out with clever solutions and achieve the best cleaning results on the market.


We love the challenge of meeting your specific needs

People's cleaning requirements are as varied as the people themselves and their living conditions. We always have one focus in everything we do – to offer precisely the right pressure washer for your individual cleaning requirements, no matter how specialised they are.

Smart Control

High-tech pressure washers with the Home & Garden app, Bluetooth and clever equipment details, such as the Smart Control trigger gun and the 3-in-1 multi-jet spray lance.

Power Control

Gentle and effective cleaning has never been easier with a good dose of power, the support given by the Home & Garden app and strong devices, such as the Power Control trigger gun with display or the Vario Power spray lance.


Those looking for portability and a compact design will find the perfect helper here. Minimal space requirements, easy to store and always quick to get to work. With clever, integrated hose storage.


Devices with the innovative silent feature reduce the perceived noise level by 50 per cent in comparison with other pressure washers in the same class. This means that you can clean with a pressure washer without disturbing others.


For smaller cleaning tasks anywhere that does not have a power outlet nearby. Cordless, convenient, mobile and flexible. And boasting quite a bit of power when you need it.

There's something for everyone

We are always opening up new applications with our constantly growing range of accessories. These turn our devices into real all-rounders, whether for cleaning facades, pipes, patios or vehicles – the possibilities are almost endless. Their wide compatibility with the device classes and ranges means that there are virtually no limits.

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