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Suitable for numerous uses all year round.

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What makes our implement carriers special?

Absolute professionalism is required wherever Kärcher and Holder municipal machines are used. Thanks to decades of intensive experience in outdoor cleaning, we are perfectly placed to be your technology partner.

Last but not least, because the best new solutions are found thanks to the joint development with experts working in these sectors. For municipal machines and implements that are perfectly tailored to meet the respective requirements: powerful, easy to operate, robust, long-lasting and economical.

Your success needs the right drive

Depending on requirements, the electrically controlled traction drive (40 km/h) with speed control or the mechanically controlled traction drive (30 km/h) may be the right choice for you. Both drives have several drive positions so that you can set the speed precisely to match the application. 

Easy to switch over. Immediately and automatically.

The hydraulic all-wheel drive distributes the power evenly and allows you to quickly switch between driving forwards and driving backwards. This saves time and protects the machine. 

Safe at any speed

The variable speed adjustment, combined with the optional traction control, guarantees safe and precise working. You can also equip your MIC 50 and MIC 70 with a hydraulic differential lock, which guarantees optimal traction, even on the most difficult of surfaces.

That is certain

A spring-mechanism parking brake, as you will be familiar with from trucks, guarantees secure braking of your MIC 50 and MIC 70, especially when combined with the permanent all-wheel drive, even under adverse conditions.

Immediately feel at home

The clearly arranged operating console with joystick (alternatively with three hand levers) is clearly structured according to functions, and allows an operator to safely drive and operate the machine, even if they have not received any training for this. And the optionally adjustable armrest increases operating comfort noticeably.

Powerful working hydraulics

With a flow rate of up to 100 l/min, the MIC is ready for a wide range of applications.


Wendigkeit 406x203 weiß

Always one step ahead

Manoeuvrability is good. High manoeuvrability is better. Extreme manoeuvrability with articulated steering and 100% directional stability is Kärcher. Because, with Kärcher implement carriers with articulated steering, the rear vehicle travels exactly the same path as the front vehicle. Pass every kerb and obstacle without hitting anything. And this is what makes these machines so flexible.

Bedienkomfort mal drei

Operating comfort multiplied by 3

The implements on the MIC 50 can be operated using either a joystick or three hand levers. For easier and more relaxing operation, an ergonomically positioned armrest is also available as an option.


Advantage thanks to the configuration

The four-point support is designed for medium-weight implements. This support means that the implements can be changed more easily and more quickly.


Operation made easy

On the MIC 84, the implements are operated using a joystick. Joystick control is also available as an option for the MIC 50. The switch for driving forwards and backwards is integrated into the joystick. This means that the driver can leave their hand on the joystick while working. An ergonomic armrest makes the work more pleasant here too.

Schwere Geräte

Ideal for heavy machines

The three-point support for heavy implements, such as a snow thrower, is available as standard on the MIC 84 and as an option, with or without the coupling triangle, for the MIC 50.

Guter Standard

Good standard

A two-point support is standard equipment on the MIC 50.

Holder – multifunctional implement carriers

Mechanical PTO shaft

Maximum and constant power transfer, mounting option for large/heavy machines, longer work intervals, low heat generation

Wheel load balancing

Increased driving stability and safety when turning on a slope, driving over the edges of pavements and using large add-on devices

Electrohydraulic weight compensation

Increased traction, particularly on inclines and on slippery surfaces, protecting the machine and the ground

Multifunctional implement carrier sweeping in the park

Articulated steering

Reduced manoeuvring effort, less manual reworking, precise work right up to the edge, ground protection and minimal tyre wear

Multifunctional implement carrier sweeping with all-wheel drive on a slope

Permanent all-wheel drive

Maximum thrust and traction, even on difficult surfaces, high climbing ability, optimal ground protection

Illustration of the three attachment areas

Three attachment areas

Standardised attachment areas for front and rear raising, third attachment area for mounted machines, wide range of applications, simple one-person mounting

The implement carrier offers many advantages: Traction, climbing ability, soil protection

Four wheels of the same size

Perfect traction, increased climbing ability, reduced tyre wear, optimal ground protection

Implement carrier in winter use clearing snow

Mechanical differential lock

Uniform power transfer, extreme use on a slope (transverse), safe handling of extreme situations (for example, in winter service)

Multifunction at its finest

Whether on streets, paths or lawns, whether in pedestrian zones, stadiums or parks, whether in lines or rows: system equipment from Kärcher Municipal is designed for professional use under the toughest conditions and can cope with a wide range of applications at the highest level.

Municipal machine with implements, application-optimised solutions for all-round use
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