Product Warranty Registration

Register your new Kärcher machine to activate the product's warranty.

How to Find Your Product Information

To register your product for warranty, make sure you have all the required data to fill the Registration Form. Some specified data can be found easily on the device, look for product information label on product packaging and on the machine itself, as shown in the following pictures.

Product information label-1

Example of information label on product packaging/box.

Product information label-2

Example of label location on machine.

Product information label-3

Contents of information label on machine.

Registration Form

Please fill in the following form with the valid information and don't forget to apply the SUBMIT button afterwards.

Personal Information

Product Information

If your purchased product is not on the list, please contact us at

Please enter the product's part-number which is consistent with its name

Registration is valid in max. 30 days from the purchase date

Terms and Conditions

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