Healthy, fresh, sterile air - at home, in the office, in the sales room, in restaurants and hotels

Clean and germ-free air is particularly important in the working world, for example in offices, public and medical facilities, hotels and restaurants. In practice, however, it is precisely in these places that poor air often impairs well-being and can lead to health problems. Possible consequences are reduced performance and downtime for employees. Infectious germs that are spread via the air are also among the most difficult to contain there, as the current corona pandemic confirms.


Kärcher Luftreiniger AFG 100

Air purifier AFG 100

In Kärcher's AFG 100 air cleaner, the air flow is guided through a plasma generated in it. Unlike conventional filters, the module uses the electrostatic charge of the smallest particles such as viruses, bacteria or allergens to trap them and destroy them completely without leaving any harmful residues. Together with the pre-filter for larger particles and another three-stage filter that also retains odours, the AFG 100 removes up to 99.98% of all unwanted contaminants from the room air in rooms up to 100 square metres. The air in closed rooms is thus cleaned more effectively than is possible with HEPA filter systems. If the inactivated viruses are additionally filtered from the air flow, sterile environments such as those in an operating theatre can be created.

The result is pleasantly clean and healthy air that allows not only allergy or asthma sufferers to breathe more freely. Many complaints and problems caused by fine dust, germs and similar impurities are effectively reduced in this way.