Kärcher FAQs

Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding our products, repair service and warranty. If you do not find the answer you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us.


The Bar is a metric unit of pressure.

1 bar refers to 1 atmosphere of pressure. This is equivalent to 14.5 psi, or .1 Mega Pascal, or Mpa.

Indoor Products


Multi-purpose Vacuum Cleaners are perfect for sucking up dust, sludge, rubble, stones, shingle and liquids.

Filters and filter bags are made from environment-friendly materials. They can therefore be dispose of with your normal household rubbish, provided that you have not sucked in substances that are not permitted to be thrown into household waste.

Multi-purpose Vacs are not intended for use by persons with limites physical, sensory or mental capacities or lacking experience and/or skills, unless such persons are accompanied and supervised by a person in charge of their safety or they have received precise instrucions on the use of the appliance and have understood the resulting risks. Children may only use this appliance if they are over the age of 8 and supervised by a person in charge of their safety, or if they have received instructions on the use of the appliance and have understood the resulting risks. Children should be supervised to prevent them from playing with the appliance.

Certain materials may produce exposive vapours or mixtures when agitated by the suction air. Never vacuum up the following materials: explosive or combustible gases, liquids or dust particles (reactive dust particles, reactive metal dust particles such as aluminium, magnesium or zinc in combination with highly alkaline or acidic detergents, undiluted strong acids or alkalies, organic solvents such as petrol, paint thinners, acetone or heating oil. In addition, these substances may cause the appliance materials to corrode.

The filling level of the filter bag depends on the type of dirt that is sucked in when vacuuming. The bag will need to be replaced more frequently while vacuuming dust, fine sand etc. Clogged filter bags can burst so ensure to replace the filter in a timely manner.

You should always work with an inserted foam or cartidge filter during wet and dry vacuuming.

If the cleaning power of the appliance deteriorates we recommend checking the following: That the accessories, suction hose or suction tubes are not clogged. If so, remove the obstruction using a stick or long object. If the filter bag is full, remove and install a new one. Check that the foam filter is not contaminated by cleaning it under running water. Ensure the cartridge filter is clean, by knocking off any dirt from the cartridge and rinsing under running water if necessary. If the filter is damaged, then this should be replaced.

You must never vacuum hot ashes using your Vacuum Cleaner. Cold ashes should only be vacuumed when using a pre-filter. For further information on the Kärcher Ash Filter please visit this webpage.

Yes, you can use the cartridge filter for vacuuming liquids. Ensure to remove it and allow it to dry fully before vacuuming dusts. The foam cartridge is also suitable for wet applications. For further information on this product please visit this webpage.

We recommend using a filter bag when vacuuming fine dusts. When dry vacuuming using the foam filter, always use a filter bag in addition. Do not use a filter bag when wet vacuuming.

Ensure the cartridge filter is clean by knocking off any dirt from the cartridge and rinsing it under running water. Do not wipe or brush down. Allow to dry completely prior to reusing.

Ensure that the filter is in place & that the vacuum filter bag has been inserted correctly. Check that the suction hose is fitted correctly and has no signs of wear and tear.

The waste container may be full. Empty the container.

With their specially developed accessories, including floor nozzle, suction tubes, suction hose and handle, all of the WD  models guarantee perfect cleaning results and maximum ease of use. All types of dirt are removed quickly and residue-free. The advantages at a glance: perfect cleaning results, maximum convenience, minimum effort, maximum freedom of movement, no blockages, no interruptions.

Kärcher manufacture a 3.5m extension kit. The part number for this item is 2.863-001.0. For further information on this product please visit this webpage.

The Kärcher Multi-Purpose Vacs are designed for vacuuming purposes only. They will remove dust and dirt particles by sucking them from the surface, but they will not clean the carpet.

Yes, Kärcher Multi-Purpose Vacs can be used both inside and out. The practical blower function on certain models is ideal for blowing away leaves.

Kärcher Multi-Purpose Vacs are ideal for all household cleaning tasks including removing sludge and slime from drains. Simply plug it in, point the nozzle and you're away.

The Kärcher Multi-Purpose Vac range are designed to be used bagless. However, we recommend using a filter bag if vacuuming fine dusts. This will prevent the filter from becoming clogged with dust, lengthening its life. It also makes emptying the machine after use much easier.

The blower function is available on the WD 3 P Multi-Purpose Vac. This is not a feature of the WD 2 or WD 4 Premium. If your model of machine is not listed please contact the Home & Garden Helpline team on 01295 752200 for further assistance.

Remove the filter bag from the packaging and unfold. Place the circular opening of the bag over the inlet inside the waste collection tank and clip into place. The bag should sit around the outside of the collection tank. Ensure not to over-fill the filter bag as this may cause the bag to become damaged. We do not recommend reusing a filter bag.

Connect the suction hose to the blower connection. This will activate the blower function.

When working with electrical power tool, adapt the adaptor to the diameter of the power tool, using a knife if necessary. Connect the adaptor to the handle of the suction hose and connect it to the electric tool connection. Connect the mains plug of the electric power tool to the Vacuum Cleaner. Swith the Vacuum cleaner to POSITION II and begin use. As soon as the electric tool is switched on, the suction turbine starts with a 0.5 second delay If the electric tool is switched off, the suction turbine continues to run for approx .5 seconds in order to vacuum up the remaining dirt in the suction hose.

The Kärcher Wet & Dry Vac range are designed to Vacuum dirts and liquids. The Vac range will not clean surfaces so should not be filled with water.

To purchase a replacement clip please contact the Home & Garden Helpline team on 01295 752200.

Thanks to special energy-efficient motors and the flow-optimised construction of the machines and accessories, Kärcher multi-purpose vacuum cleaners are not only significantly more powerful than their predecessors, but also the most powerful Kärcher vacuum cleaners of all time for the consumer market. The advantages at a glance: optimum dirt pick-up, considerable time saving, wide variety of applications.

The filter bag should be replaced when full and the suction power is reduced. The bag may split if it becomes too full so caution should be taken to replace when necessary.

A reduction in suction can be caused if the filter is blocked. To remove the blockage please also see "How do I clean the filter in my Vacuum Cleaner?". Also check the suction tubes for blockages.

Filter bags can be purchased via our online shop at www.karcher.co.uk or by calling our dedicated Helpline team on 01295 752200.

When beginning operation, a small amount of liquid will be released from the steam gun. This is due to the steam tubes not being to temperature. This will also occur if you leave the machine to rest for a few moments, as the steam remaining inside the steam hose will begin to condensate and turn to water. Within a matter of seconds the machine should being to produce steam. If this does not occur please contact the Helpline team on 01295 752200 for further advice.

Floor Polishers

The FP303 boasts a unique high-quality textile bag in its design. The bag contains the filter bag and is attached to the handle. The polishing pads can be stored compactly in a separate accessory compartment.

Replacement filter bags are available in a pack of 3. The part number for this is 6.904-128.0. Further information on this item can be found on this webpage. Parts can be ordered directly from us by calling our Helpline team on 01295 752200.

Polishing has never been simpler: the FP 303 ensures all-round impeccable polishing results. It can be used on a variety of floor surfaces, such as parquet, laminate, stone, PVC, cork or linoleum. The machine is very easy to use a features a number of practical details, such as its triangular design to clean corners with ease. polishing dust is easily vacuumed and the cable can be stored away neatly on the cable storage directly on the handle. Polishing has never been so much fun!

The optmised triangular design of polishing head allows corners to be reached more effectively.

Steam Cleaners

Kärcher Steam Cleaners bring a revolutionary approach to the cleaning of your home. We’ve harnessed the dirt-shifting power of pure steam to deliver extraordinary cleaning performance from nothing more than tap water. Whether you’re looking to remove tough grease or everyday dirt from your kitchen, bathroom or those hard to reach nooks and crannies throughout the home, Kärcher steam cleaners will help you get the job done with the minimum amount of effort. For further information please visit this webpage.

With no chemicals or scrubbing, a Karcher Steam Cleaner effortlessly removes stubborn stains and even limescale and mould throughout the home. Nothing could be quicker or easier than cleaning with steam. It's also hygenic, killing 99.99% of bacteria. With low water consumption and no detergent required, steam cleaning not only saves you money but it's also good for the environment and a healthy choice for you and your family. We're proud that our range has earned Allergy UK's Seal of Approval. To view our Steam Cleaner in action please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agYTZ4FcnrQ

Our range of Steam Cleaners are hygenic, killing 99.99% of bacteria.

Cleaning with steam is cleaning without chemicals. You must only use water with your Steam Cleaner. The use of detergents or chemicals may damage your Steam Cleaner and will invalidate your warranty.

Steam Cleaning is a a healthy choice for you and your family. We're proud that our range has earned Allergy UK's Seal of Approval. Unlike cleaning detergents steam cleaners do not leave behind potential allergy-triggering residues on the cleaned surface. Allergy-sufferers can breathe easier, as the steam binds the dust, keeping allergens (house dust mites and their secretions) from being dispersed, the indoor environment improves considerably.

No, you should never use condensation water from a tumble dryer in your Steam Cleaner.

You can use the Steam Cleaner to refresh the surface layer of your carpets.

Regular cleaning is not only essential for kitchen hygiene, but it also contributes to the ongoing maintenance of your oven. There’s no need to spend hours scrubbing with chemicals as the best way to clean an oven is actually with steam. For further information please visit this webpage.

Along with freshening up your clothes and fabrics, your steam cleaner can even be used for ironing using our specially designed attachment, which saves up to 50% of time compared to conventional ironing. To find out more please visit this webpage.

Kärcher steam cleaning doesn’t require the use of harsh chemicals, which makes it the perfect choice for cleaning and dusting household plants. Gently clean by moistening the plants at a distance of 20 to 30 centimetres, and wipe off the dust with a cloth. For further steam cleaning tips please visit this webpage.

Cleaning with steam is cleaning without chemicals. The combination of steam power and temperature alone dislodges stubborn dirt and makes cleaning agents superfluous. This conserves both water and the expense of cleaning agents.

Steam cleaning is very economical. Just one litre of normal tap water will produce up to 1700 litres of steam! That is enough for around 20 minutes of steam cleaning. Furthermore as electricity is used only for heating up the water, energy consumption is low.

The secret of steam cleaning lies in the combination of the steam jet and temperature. This eliminates dirt effortlessly whilst making it much easier to get into areas that are difficult to reach, this in turn makes it possible to clean more thoroughly.

In essence steam cleaners work similarly to a pressure cooker. Water is heated in a closed boiler in the steam cleaner until it boils – this causes the formation of steam. This takes from one to six minutes per litre of water depending on the machine. Once the water boils, the steam is released in measured quantities through the "steam gun". The higher the steam pressure, the quicker the release rate – and thus the dirt-dissolving performance.

The water reservoir is empty. Re-fill the reserviour to the "MAX" marking.

The steam boiler is empty. Turn off the appliance and fill the water reservoir to the "MAX" marking. Turn on the appliance to continue usage.

Yes, you can wash dirty floor cloths and terry cloths in the washing machine at 60°C. Do not use a liquid softener as this would affect the ability of the cloths to pick up dirt. You may also tumble dry the cloths.

A build up of limescale can increase the heat-up time of a Steam Cleaner. For further information please see 'De-scaling your Steam Cleaner'.

A build-up of limescale can rduce the volume of steam being produced. For further information please see 'De-scaling your Steam Cleaner'.

Instructions for De-scaling your Kärcher Steam Cleaner. Step 1. Purchase a Kärcher de-scaling agent. Part Number 6.295-206.0 - RM descaler sticks 9x13 g. Step 2. Dissolve the descaling stick into 1 litre of warm water. Step 3. Pour the solution into the boiler and allow it to react for approximately 8 hours. Do not screw the safety lock onto the appliance while you are descaling. Step 4. Create a separate solution for the steam cap. Step 5. Clean the threads on the cap with a toothbrush and rub Vaseline around once clean. Step 6. Once the descaling is completed, empty the solution from the machine. A small amount of solution will remain inside the boiler. Rinse the boiler 2 or 3 times with clean, cold water to remove any residues of the descaler.

The boiler of your Steam Cleaner must be rinsed out after every 5 fills. This will reduce the build up of scale within the heating vessel. Fill the boiler with water and shake the cleaner vigorously. This will loosen any scale that has settled onto the bottom of the boiler vessel. Empty the machine by pouring out the liquid.

When you have finished using the machine make sure that you have released all remaining pressure from the hose and gun assembly. When the pressure has been released you can then unscrew the safety cap. Drain the machine of any remaining water in the boiler. Store the machine with the accessories removed, the boiler empty and the safety cap removed.

It may be difficult to remove the safety cap from the Steam Cleaner if the machine has not been de-pressurised after use, or if there is a build-up of limescale in the steam cap. Please see "How do I depressurize my Steam Cleaner" for further information.

When in use, a pressure control valve inside the safety cap locks in place, restricting the removal of the cap. This is a safety feature of the machine, preventing the escape of steam. The safety lock cannot be opened as long as a slight pressure remains in the boiler. After use, the following steps should be followed: Step 1. Turn off the machine and disconnect the mains plug from the socket. Step 2. Push the steam switch until steam discharge stops. The boiler of the appliance is now depressurized. Step 3. Remove the cap and store separately from the machine. *Please note that a residual amount of steam may be emitted when you open the safety lock. be careful when opening the safety lock, if the machine has been in continuous use for a long time the safety cap may be hot.

Check that the steam switch isn't turned to the child-lock setting. This is indicated by an image of a lock.

The water tank may be over full. Ensure that the tank is only 3/4 full. Ensure that the machine has reach operating pressure, if not, wait until the light indicates that the machine is ready. Ensure that the controller is set to steam mode.

Steam Cleaners can be used on wooden surfaces, however care should be taken to ensure that they are never be used on unsealed wooden or parquet floors. If you are unsure whether your surface type is suitable for cleaning with steam, always seek guidance from the manufacturer who should be able to advise the best cleaning means for that particular surface.

Yes, you can use a Steam Cleaner to clean Window Frames. However, do not direct steam onto the sealed locations of the frame to prevent damage from occuring.

Place the open end of the extension pipe onto the maintenance lock, lock it into the guide and unscrew. This will open the tank and allow you to pour in the descaling solution.

Check the trigger gun for any blockages. If there is a yellow seal located in the entry of the gun this will need to be removed. The yellow lug will have been removed from one of your accessories. Ensure the small o-ring seal is till in place and reinsert in the accessory. Twist with a screw driver to lock into place. You will then be successfully able to connect accessories into your trigger gun.

Unscrew the black collar at the top of the extension pole. This will lengthen the connection point and allow it to connect into the trigger gun. The collar should be retightened to strengthen the connection. If the connection is still unsuccessful please see 'Why won't my accessories connect into my trigger gun?'

As the machine begins to heat, any water residues located around the neck of the safety cap will heat up and turn to steam. It is normal for a small amount of water residue to be left when filling the machine. This should cease producing steam from this area within a couple of minutes. If steam continues to leak from the safety cap, please stop using the machine and contact the Helpline team on 01295 752200. Please do not try to tighten or remove the cap while steam is being omitted as you may burn yourself.

Outdoor Products


The S 650 Sweeper cleans paths, patios, driveways and gardens up to five times faster than a dustpan and brush. Sweepings are immediately collected in the large capacity container and the long bristles of the side brushes ensure a thorough clean right to the edges. The Sweeper also boasts a foldable handle for easy storage. For further information please visit this webpage.

Yes, replacement parts can be ordered by calling the Karcher Helpline team on 01295 752200.

The Sweeper is a manually operated device, which works by pushing it along from behind. As the Sweeper moves, it collects debris from the surface and stores it in the 16 litre collection tank. For further information please visit this webpage.

No, for best results you will need to push the Sweeper.

Watering Systems

The new Kärcher Rain System combines the benefits of micro-dripping and conventional watering.

The system works with up to 4 bar pressure and includes a 1/2' PVC hose with drip and micro spray nozzles. A pressure reducer and filter for protection against excess pressure and drip particles can also be fitted.

The Rain System can be adjusted to suit practically every kind of garden and works perfectly together with the SensoTimer to provide water control based on the requirements of the garden. Ideal for watering plants and vegetable patches.

For further information of the available accessories please visit this webpage.

The Kärcher Rain Sensor can be connected to water timers ST6 and ST6 Duo. The sensor measures the precipitation and adjusts the watering schedule accordingly. The water only flows when needed, meaning is is cost effective and environmentally friendly. No power supply is required. To view this product please visit this webpage.

Sealing collars can be attached at any point on the Karcher Rain System hose. They can be easily installed and completely seal holes from the sprinklers or frippers that are no longer required. For further information on the Sealing Collars please visit this webpage.

Spray collars or Micro Spray Nozzles are part of the Kärcher Rain System. They can be attached anywhere on the hose. Installation is fast, easy and does not require tools. The integrated needle on the opened spray collar is simply stuck into the hose. By closing, the spray collar is securely fixed to the hose. The alignment of the spray angle can be adjusted horizontally and vertically thanks to the rotable head. On the nozzle, the water volume can be adjusted from 0-55l/h according to requirements and in order to conserve resources. For further information on the Micro Spray Nozzles please visit this webpage.


Karcher manufacture a range of irrigation and drainage pumps. To view the full range and to find out more please visit http://www.karcher.co.uk/uk/Products/Home__Garden/Pumps.htm

The Kärcher garden pumps are ideal for watering the garden using alternative water sources such as cisterns and water-butts. For further information on garden pumps please visit this webpage.

Dirty water is no problem for the submersible dirty water pumps. The pumps reliably shift water containing dirt particles of up to 30mm diameter from ponds or flooded areas. For more information on the available range of submersible dirty water pumps please visit this webpage.

For every 10 metres pumped upwards, you will lose 1 Bar of Pressure.

The appliance is not suitable for continuous pump operation (e.g. continuous circulation in a pond) or as a stationary installations (such as a lifting device).

No, the pump range should not be used for liquids containing any oils, chemicals or acids. Failure to comply may cause the premature failure of the unit and would void the product warranty.

The Kärcher pump range are not designed for continuous pump operation (e.g. continuous circulation in a pond) or as a stationary installation (such as a lifting device).

No, the range of Kärcher Pumps are intended for occasional and “emergency” use only e.g. to empty water from a flooded cellar. They are not designed to run constantly.

No, Kärcher domestic pumps cannot be used to pump water to a Pressure Washer.

Unfortunately, Kärcher only manufacture domestic pumps for use within the home.

Unfortunately we do not offer a repair service for the pump range. If you experience a problem with your Pump, please contact our dedicated Helpline team on 01295 752200 or alternatively email helpline@karcher.co.uk. When contacting us please have the model number and purchase date at hand.

Kärcher's range of high performance and convenient drainage pumps provide quick and reliable help during floods or when it is time to clear your pool or pond. They are easy to set up and quickly drain the liquid away.

The Pumps are essentially the same. The differences are the size of the particles that they can pump and the amount of water they leave in a pool when finished. Clean water pumps will empty the pool to a 5mm water depth, or 1mm using dry function (fold up feet). Dirty water pumps will only take it to the same depth as the maximum dirt particle it can pump (from 20mm SDP 7000 to 30mm SDP 18000).

Clean water is that from a pool, flooded basement or any water with small particles in it.

Dirty water is that from a pond or any water source containing grit or foliage.

Irrigation pumps are designed to draw water from static sources such as ponds, wells, springs or water butts. These work in combination with sprinklers and spray guns for the perfect watering of your garden. For further information on irrigation pumps please visit this webpage.

Garden Pumps have a mains electrical cable which is 1.5 metres in length. Submersible Dirty water (SDP) pumps are 10 metres in length.

If purchased after the 1st July 2014 the pump will carry a 2 year manufacturers warranty. If purchased prior to this date the pump would have been covered by a 12 month warranty period.

Servicing and Repairs


If you experience a problem with your product, please contact our dedicated Helpline team on 00 353 1 409 7777 or alternatively email info@ie.kaercher.com

For information regarding repairs please visit this webpage.

For information regarding repairs please visit this webpage.

Your Kärcher product is covered under warranty by Kärcher (UK) Limited to be free of defective parts and materials for a period of 12 months from date of purchase (or as otherwise stated at point of sale) providing the product is used for normal residential duties. Such warranty shall not extend to defects arising from the product being used for purposes beyond normal residential use, particularly when it goes beyond the purpose for which it was designed such as in commercial, industrial or rental application. All warranty periods commence on the date of purchase and are not transferable. This warranty does not extend to defects whihc result from misuse, neglect, accident, abuse, improper handling, freezing, normal wear and tear, use of improper chemicals or non-compliance with the Operators Instruction Manual. The warranty will be invalidated if the product has been subject to unauthorised repair or modification. This guarantee is limited to the provision of repairs, free of charge within the specified period providing the above conditions are met and proof of purchase is provided. Karcher (UK) Limited shall not be liable in any event at any time for any indirect or consequential loss or damage. The rights and benefits under the warranty are additional to your statutory rights which are not affected by this warranty. Machine and accessories MUST be protected from frost. Frost damage is not covered by the warranty!

If seeking to make a claim under the product warranty, a valid proof of purchase must be provided. If the original receipt is not available, we can also accept a copy of a bank statement showing the transaction with the retailer, if you paid by credit or debit card.

All Kärcher products purchased after 1st July 2014 are covered by a minimum 24 month warranty period, or as otherwise stated at point of sale. Wear and tear is not covered under the terms and conditions of warranty. Therefore, if the accessory fails due to wear and tear, a replacement will be chargeable.