Kärcher, the world's number one pressure washer brand delivers unbeatable versatility with hot or cold water professional pressure washers to suit your needs – we provide the solution whatever your cleaning challenge.



  • Faster results and shorter drying times - hot water quickly loosens and dissolves dirt, solidified oils and fats providing a time saving of up to 35%.As well as being cost-effective and economical, surfaces that are cleaned with hot water dry faster enabling them to be used sooner.
  • Germ-reducing effect without cleaning agents - cleaning with hot water significantly reduces the presence of germs without the need for disinfectants. This helps to protect the environment, as well as saving money and resources.
  • Protection of surfaces - achieve the same cleaning effect and protect sensitive surfaces by cleaning using a lower working pressure.


  • Maximum mobility – ideal for those on the move cleaning jobs where easy transportation is essential thanks to the compact and ergonomic design. Whether loading into a vehicle or carrying up steps, it can also be easily stored when not in use. For larger cleaning jobs the new HD trailer pressure washer can even be towed by your vehicle.
  • Total independence - use even where there is no water or power supply, Kärcher petrol or diesel-powered pressure washers enable you to directly suction water from lakes, or water bowsers making them ideal for use in agriculture, construction or the public sector.
  • Industry-specific solutions - designed and tailored to your requirements, Kärcher provides machines to be used in a variety of industries, from the strict hygiene requirements of the food industry to use in potentially explosive environments.
HD iSolar

Façade Cleaning

Our new system solution comprising brushes, telescopic lances, attachments and adapters now allows flexible use of various cleaning types for different cleaning tasks. Whether it is with low, medium or high pressure or also for vacuuming: never before was the cleaning of facades, glass surfaces, solar panels and floors more flexible and also more comfortable and thorough at places that are difficult to access.

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Karcher Professional Pressure Washer EASY!Force

EASY!Force: The new standard. As standard.

Experience the new dimension of ergonomics in high-pressure cleaning: with the new EASY!Force HD trigger gun, you need zero holding force and can clean effortlessly with less stress.

  • Improved ergonomics for easier cleaning
  • Full ceramic valve for a longer lifetime
  • Intuitive trigger for safe working
  • Patented EASY!Lock for 5x faster connection

Using hot water offers a significant time saving of up to 35% with improved cleaning results.

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Which class of Pressure Washer is right for me?

Compact and lightweight our portable range is incredibly easy to transport - even up steps or ladders. These tough machines can be used in a vertical or horizontal position, making them safer for use at height or on uneven ground.

The right choice for operators who need a mobile pressure washer on an almost daily basis for different locations: a high-performance machine that is easy to transport.

Perfect for daily cleaning of machinery or large areas Middle class pressure washers make it easy to clean hard-to-reach areas and take up little space in the yard or workshop.

Kärcher Super class pressure washers are the perfect choice for operators who need to continuously perform cleaning tasks involving large amounts of stubborn dirt.

Available in hot and cold variants, combustion models deliver several hours’ continuous use on a single tank of fuel and are ideal for demanding cleaning applications where no power supply is available.

Designed for daily use and built to last, Kärcher's hot water pressure washer trailers provide the ultimate mobile cleaning solution whether on a construction site or in a park. These versatile all-rounders can be towed by or mounted within your existing vehicle.

Suited to those special cleaning tasks that require performance, safety and hygiene and need extremely high pressure to remove the most stubborn dirt or large water volumes for two-lance operation.

Universal Cleaning Machines
Pressure washers with petrol or diesel engines as well as machines for special target groups complete the product portfolio.

Kärcher  Cold water pressure washers

Cold water pressure washers

Clean machines, vehicles and buildings daily: with pressure and high capacity cold water pressure washers can also remove heavy dirt. Ideal for large surface areas.

Kärcher  Hot water pressure washers

Hot water pressure washers

With hot water, high-pressure cleaners clean even better with the same amount of pressure, Kärcher machines impress with the highest level of usage comfort and the most up-to-date technology.

Kärcher Ultra-high-pressure cleaners Ultra-high pressure cleaning systems

Ultra-high pressure cleaning systems

When the cleaning performance of conventional high-pressure cleaners is no longer enough, our ultra high-pressure cleaners come into their own. Thanks to the ultra high pressure (UHP), even the most stubborn dirt and coatings can be reliably removed.

Kärcher  Hot water generator

Hot water generator

Our hot water generators offer a simple and economical way to turn your existing cold water high-pressure cleaners into hot water machines with improved cleaning performance as required.

Kärcher  Stationary


Kärcher stationary high-pressure cleaners are suitable wherever it is necessary to clean and disinfect several areas in a space-saving manner.


Karcher Professional Pressure Washer Accessories


Expand your pressure washer’s range of applications with Kärcher accessories.

Karcher Professional Pressure Washer Detergents

Cleaning and Care Agents

Achieve faster results with Kärcher’s specially formulated cleaning and care agents.


Kärcher, the world's number one pressure washer brand delivers unbeatable cleaning versatility with our range of hot and cold water pressure washers. Kärcher accessories and cleaning agents enable you to tackle any cleaning challenge. EASY!Force trigger gun technology maximises ergonomic efficiency and minimises operator stress.