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What is a scrubber dryer?

What is a scrubber dryer?

Which scrubber dryer is right for me?

Walk-behind Scrubber Dryers

Effortlessly clean in tight, cluttered spaces, corridors, entrance halls or retail stores with our highly manoeuvrable, quiet and easy to maintain, walk-behind scrubber dryers.

Step-on Scrubber Dryers

Combining the compactness of a walk-behind with the productivity of a ride-on, step-on machines are ultra-manoeuvrable and provide excellent all-round visibility for the operator.

Ride-on Scrubber Dryers

Perfect for large spaces; our ride-on scrubber dryers are robust and powerful with simple operation enabling you to overcome even the toughest cleaning challenges whilst also increasing productivity.


Floorcare Intelligent Key

Protection against incorrect use

Prevent machine misuse, keep familiarisation time for the user to a minimum and ensure optimum cleaning efficiency with Kärcher’s Intelligent Key system (KIK) which enables machine speed, brush pressure, water and detergent dosing to be pre-set to each operator.

Floorcare Dose

Save money and be more environmentally friendly

Manual calculations of how much detergent to use are no longer necessary with our Dose system which automatically and precisely meters the correct detergent quantity from the on-board bottle into the clean water.


Reduce water and detergent usage

Achieve more for less with Kärcher’s eco!efficiency mode which reduces energy, water and detergent consumption, minimises wear and tear on the machine and lowers noise levels, all at the turn of a button.

Floorcare colour coded

Every touch point colour-coded for ease

Users can quickly see what is relevant to them thanks to the colour-coded access elements on the machine - this makes using and maintaining the machine simple… yellow for the operator, grey for the service technicians.

Floorcare Auto fill

Increasing productivity through innovation

Auto-fill means you can simply connect the machine to the water supply and let it automatically stop when the tank is full, freeing up your operators time. While tank-rinsing ensures that the machine is quickly and effectively cleaned after use with the operator having no contact with dirty water.

Floorcare Fact

Quickly adjust to different cleaning requirements

Whether it’s a fine clean, whisper clean or power clean, the brush speed is easily controlled* and adjusted to suit your requirements with FACT technology. In fine cleaning mode noise level is reduced as well as energy consumption lowered by 30%.

*On roller brush models

Floorcare easy operation

Simple and safe operation

Choosing the right cleaning programme is simple thanks to the EASY!Operation panel. The clear, at-a-glance view via pictograms makes it easy for anyone to use the machine, reducing the need for training and removing any language barriers.

Floorcare Disc head

Disc or roller brush heads to suit your cleaning application

Whether you’re removing multiple scuff marks or want to eliminate dirt from grout, Kärcher scrubber dryers are available with two different brush heads. Discs work best on smooth floors, whereas roller brushes create up to 10 times more down pressure to provide a deeper clean.

The right brush type for enhanced cleanliness

Our brush colour system makes it easy to choose the right solution. From roller or disc brush types, to diamond pads or microfibre, we have a complete range to clean virtually any floor type, whether structured or smooth, to achieve the required finish.

Maximising the performance of your machine

Specially formulated and perfectly matched to your machine to achieve optimum cleaning results in less time, Kärcher detergents lower energy consumption, are environmentally friendly and quickly cut through dirt and grease on your floors.

Kärcher  Scrubber dryers

Scrubber dryers

Even the crevices sparkle. Using high contact pressure, scrubbers can clean, strip and polish both uneven and smooth floors or shampoo carpets.

Kärcher  Single-disc machines

Single-disc machines

Whether on hard surfaces or textile floor coverings: at Kärcher you are guaranteed to find the right single disc machine. We stock machines for all specialised and all-round uses.

Kärcher  Polishing machines

Polishing machines

When shoes leave marks: Kärcher polishing machines make floors shine again. Being battery powered, they can also be used during normal business hours.

Kärcher  Stair and escalator cleaner

Stair and escalator cleaner

Spotlessly clean in next to no time: Kärcher stair and escalator cleaners produce thoroughly clean results on escalators and travelators as well as stairs and window sills..