Pumps for service water supply in the household

For fully automatic supply of service water to the house, for example, for washing machines, toilet flushing and outlets on the house for garden watering. The pumps switch on and off automatically according to the water demand. The 0-watt stand-by function on the eco!ogic models reduces power consumption. This makes it easy on both your budget and the environment.

Use water ecologically.

Home and garden pumps in the BP Home & Garden range from Kärcher make an outstanding contribution to resource-conserving water use. With Kärcher Home & Garden pumps, using service water to supply toilets, washing machines and outside taps is convenient, environmentally friendly and efficient.

Suitable devices and accessories

Submersible clear water Pump

Perfect for economical use of alternative water sources.

Pump prefilter

Provides protection for the pump against coarse dirt particles or sand

Suction kit

Spiral hose with suction filter and non-return valve

Garden Pump

Perfect for using alternative water sources.


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