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Watering systems

Rain, reinvented by Kärcher. Kärcher's extensive range of watering equipment will bring a smile to the faces of garden lovers everywhere. Pumps and watering products designed to work in perfect unison allow you to work responsibly with your natural resources. This ensures that precious water is used in the most effective and economical way. Innovative technology and precise sensors ensure that your plants are provided with exactly the volume of water that they require to grow. To ensure that you can take maximum pleasure from the natural beauty of your garden, Kärcher provides maximum-efficiency nozzles, spray guns, sprinklers, hoses, water timers, pumps, hose connection systems and storage systems. Whichever Kärcher product you use, you know you have made the right choice.

Kärcher  Automatic watering

Automatic watering

When you're away on holiday, the last thing you want to worry about is your garden: And with water timers from Kärcher you don't have to – they can control your watering system according to an exact schedule.

Kärcher  Nozzles and spray lances

Nozzles and spray lances

Right on target: Kärcher garden nozzles and spray lances have an ergonomic design and are extremely easy to use. You can adjust the spraying pattern to suit your needs.

Kärcher  Sprinklers


Water right into the corners: whether it's large or small, flat or sloping, you will always find the right solution for your garden in our extensive range of circular sprinklers.

Kärcher  Connectors/Tap adaptors

Connectors/Tap adaptors

Connecting, (de)coupling and repairing: the Kärcher range offers compatible connectors for all available click systems and common hose diameters.

Kärcher  Hoses


Kärcher garden hoses are extremely flexible, robust and kink-resistant, so nothing will get in the way of you maintaining your garden!

Kärcher  Hose storage and hose trolley

Hose storage and hose trolley

New-found freedom to move: at long last the hose can be moved effortlessly from A to B on the hose trolley, meaning that laboriously dragging it through the garden is a thing of the past.

Highlights 2014

The new, intelligent watering method.

Kärcher Rain System®

Hedges, flower beds, bushes or herbs – the new, intelligent watering system from Kärcher uses targeted, humidity-controlled distribution to supply each plant individually with precisely the volume of water it needs. The new Kärcher Rain System® combines the benefits of micro-dripping and conventional watering. The system operates at pressures up to 4 bar and includes a ½" PVC hose with drip and micro spray nozzles. A pressure reducer and filter for protection against excess pressure and dirt particles can also be installed. The Kärcher Rain System™ can be individually adapted to suit any garden and works perfectly together with the SensoTimer to provide a watering control system based on the requirements of the garden.

Kärcher Rain System® application overview

Kärcher Rain System
Rain System T Connector

Customised watering

Thanks to the connection pieces, the Kärcher Rain System® hose and trickle hose can be used in any combination.

Effiziente Tropfbewässerung

Efficient drip irrigation

Consistent watering for all of your plants with the Kärcher trickle hose. Suitable for plantings up to 50 m in length.

Rain System Drip Nozzle

Targeted watering

Drip nozzle with volume regulation for targeted watering directly onto the plants.


Area watering

Micro spray nozzles with three different spray patterns (360°, 180° and 90°) and adjustable water volumes.

SensoTimer ST6 eco!ogic - watering made easy.

The SensoTimer ST6 eco!ogic water timers from Kärcher start and stop watering automatically. This saves you the chore of watering by hand and leaves you more time to look after the garden or do other activities. A further advantage is that it uses precisely the volume of water that is actually required. The sensor measures the soil moisture and activates watering as soon as it falls below the specified moisture level. This ensures water is used only when absolutely necessary. This makes it both economical and environmentally friendly.


How does the ST6 eco!logic work?

The SensoTimer ST6 eco!ogic provides moisture-controlled watering. The included sensor measures the soil moisture and sends it wirelessly to the SensoTimer every 30 minutes. The SensoTimer has a choice of five moisture levels. Watering starts automatically at the next preset time if the soil moisture falls below the chosen level. Programming is easy thanks to the removable remote with five operation buttons. You can set up to two watering times per day. The maximum watering duration is 90 minutes. The eco!ogic function also allows the watering to be delayed for up to 7 days. Manual watering is possible at any time. The integrated stop button interrupts the watering programme for 24 hours. This means water is used only when absolutely necessary.

The SensoTimer ST6 Duo eco!ogic allows two separate areas of the garden with separate moisture requirements to be watered.


SensoTimer ST6 eco!ogic Duo

Compatible watering units


Oscillating sprinkler

Continuously adjustable sprinkling area up to a maximum area of 320 m².

Kärcher Rain System

Kärcher Rain System®

Provides a watering control system that supplies water as required, alongside the SensoTimer ST6 eco!ogic.


Pulse, circular and sector sprinkler

Watering area of 30 - 360°.


Multifunctional surface sprinkler

Various possible watering shapes thanks to six different nozzle shapes.

Application overview

Discover the wide range of application possibilities for our garden products.

Makes environmental sense

Kärcher's intelligent and efficient technology, as well as products designed to work in perfect unison, allow you to work responsibly with natural resources. By extending the eco!ogic range to include garden products, Kärcher has demonstrated its sense of ecological responsibility for its latest products. Of special importance here is the removal of the stand-by mode and the addition of the maximum-efficiency watering control system.

Efficient watering

Kärcher's intelligent and efficient technology, as well as products designed to work in perfect unison, allow you to work responsibly with natural resources.

By extending the eco!ogic range to include garden products, Kärcher has demonstrated its sense of ecological responsibility for its latest products. Of special importance here is the removal of the stand-by mode and the addition of the maximum-efficiency watering control system.

1 Supply from alternative water sources.
2 Controlling the water volume.
3 Transporting the required water volume.
4 Application without wasting water.


More information on sustainability.

Effiziente Bewässerung

Save energy

Durable and easy-to-operate, Kärcher high-quality pumps are ideal for using alternative water sources. The pumps switch on and off automatically as required. Multistage pumps provide increased power and efficiency and lower noise levels. With the same flow rate as conventional jet pumps, they reduce the level of energy consumption by 30%. The eco!ogic models with a 0-watt stand-by function are even more economical.

Strom sparen

Save water

The new SensoTimer water timer with radio-controlled moisture sensors provides intelligent and efficient watering for your garden. The level of soil moisture is transmitted every 30 minutes and the watering system starts only if it is really required. To avoid unesseccary watering, the sensor measures the level of moisture near ground level. Thanks to the eco!ogic function, watering can be delayed if required, allowing you to save even more water.

Wasser sparen

Responsible choice of materials

Kärcher places a huge emphasis on the careful selection of materials, taking care to ensure environmental compatibility and avoids substances such as phthalate and heavy metals that are detrimental to the environment and to health. Kärcher PrimoFlex® quality hoses are characterised by their robustness, flexibility and kink-resistance.

Verantwortungsvolle Materialauswahl

Maximum efficiency

The new Kärcher Rain System® gears itself precisely towards the needs of your plants and blends in with hedges, bushes, vegetable patches and flower beds. The water is supplied to the exact areas that require it, without waste, making it both environmentally friendly and easy on your budget. The consistent pressure distribution allows water to be distributed evenly, even at a distance of 50 metres. You can adjust the water volume to suit your requirements.

Wasser sparen