T350 patio cleanning

T550 patio cleaner

Patio and deck cleaning

Unbeatable cleaning performance – pressure washers from Kärcher

Every home owner who has tried cleaning heavy dirt off paved paths knows how limited and weak the cleaning performance of a garden hose is.

The cleaning power of a pressure washer, on the other hand, is considerably higher than that of a garden hose. Whether cars, mossy garden paths, patios and decking, garden furniture and equipement or bins, everything can be cleaned quickly and easily.

Our T-Racer patio cleaners ensure optimum cleaning results with a gentle action, even over large areas. The innovative combination of high-pressure and height-adjustable nozzles creates a hovercraft effect which allows the patio cleaner to hover over the ground.

The patio cleaners deliver a higher cleaning performance and uniform cleaning results, without any spray, thereby protecting both you and the walls from dirt.

The power scrubber can also be used to clean your patios and decking. With three integrated high pressure nozzles, stubborn dirt can be quickly and easily removed. The integrated squeegy blade is ideal for removing any dirty water. Perfect for stairs and edges, the integrated bristles make it perfect for getting into the grooves of your decking. 


Suitable devices and accessories

T450 Patio Cleaner

Splash-free cleaning of large areas and edges.

Power Scrubber

Perfect accessory for cleaning decking. 

T550 Patio Cleaner

Apply detergent directly to your patio or decking, enjoying splash-free cleaning.