Glass Cleaner

Use our specially formulated Kärcher glass and window cleaner concentrates for the perfect streak-free finish. Use with the Kärcher window vac for the best results on your windows.

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Glass and mirrored surfaces can be extremely tricky to get right, and it is all too common to find streaks and marks after you’ve finished cleaning. However our glass cleaner can help you achieve the perfect streak-free finish with ease.

This Kärcher glass cleaner concentrate allows streak-free cleaning on all glass and mirrored surfaces, even with stubborn dirt and streak-prone stains like oils and grease. You can use the glass cleaner with traditional window cleaning equipment such as cloths, sponges and squeegees, but for the best trouble-free finish it’s perfect for use with the Kärcher window vac.

Using the bottle cap for handy measurement, simply add one and a half caps to your spray bottle, fill the rest with clean water and you’re ready to go.

Kärcher window cleaner concentrate is also suitable for use on all smooth water-resistant hard surfaces and is available in a handy bubble pack. It gives a coating that delays subsequent soiling, meaning you’ll have a bit longer before you have to clean that surface again.