Kärcher Floorcare Range

Whether wooden, tiled or carpet, Kärcher has the right products to keep your floors looking fresh and new.

Hard Floor Cleaners

Swap the mop. A Kärcher Hard Floor Cleaner is a faster way to clean than your regular flooring cleaner, leaving them dry in just 2 minutes.

Electric Wiping Mops

The Electric Wipe Mop offers a more hygienic, resourceful and trouble-free alternative to a traditional mop-and-bucket when cleaning hard floors around your home. Whilst using only clean, fresh water to mop your floors, it will also pick up dirty water afterwards, leaving floors dry in only 2 minutes.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Kärcher's range of cordless vacuum cleaners combine high cleaning standards with effortless maneuverability and flexibility. Whether you are an allergy sufferer, pet owner, or just need to vacuum a multitude of surfaces, Kärcher has the perfect vacuum for you.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners & Mops

The Robotic Vacuum Cleaners & Mops from Kärcher take care of cleaning the floor for you, hard floors and short-pile carpets are cleaned automatically. Not only can the devices vacuum their way around, but they can mop the floor too. It moves quietly through living spaces, and systematically follows its movement patterns with real purpose, avoiding obstacles as it goes.

Steam Cleaners & Mops

Discover the power of Kärcher steam. A Kärcher Steam Cleaner and Mop make light work of grease, dirt and stains delivering deep cleaning results with no chemicals or scrubbing. It kills 99.99% of enveloped viruses, including coronavirus* and bacteria** and effortlessly cleans your hard floors with our EasyFix cloths.

Spray Extraction Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaners

Hygienic cleaning for carpets and upholstery: the Kärcher Spray Extraction Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaners use pressure to spray the cleaning solution deep into the fibres and vacuum it up again together with the loosened dirt. Grease, dirt and odours are removed effectively, making these machines ideally suited for allergy-sufferers and households with pets.

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